What Actually Happened On June 15 At Ladakh? Let Us Learn From A Former National Defence Academy Principal

Here are a few observations of a former Principal of National Defence Academy at "Veera Bharatham” a Webinar held by the Samparka Mandali , RSS, Tambaram Bhag on June 22. The learned gentleman is Dr. K. Subrahmanyam, Pro Chancellor, SVYASA (Yoga University) and Principal, Vivekananda College, Thiruvedagam :

In his inspiring speech on the occasion of paying tribute to martyred brave Indian Army soldiers, in the skirmish along the LAC at Ladakh on June 15, Dr.Subrahmanyam , recalled the contributions, concerns of the “ Militant Monk” as he called Swami Vivekananda. He recalled how Swami Vivekananda likened our nations’ plight to the “Lion cub in the midst of lambs“ and envisioned that the nation would realize its true potential in the days to come. Swamiji identified the British could lure 1. Few weak Rulers 2. Elites 3. Untouchables to establish their rule. Dr. Subrahmanyam equated Chinese, playing the same tactics to ensure presence in every walk of life in India. Dr. Hedgewar, who actively involved himself in the freedom movement was of the opinion that nation needs more than “Political Freedom” to regain its supremacy, and so started RSS. Dr. Subrahmanyam said the nation is in the hands of Swayamsevaks who were groomed in this ideology. The nation now, as Swamiji evinced, has “arisen, awakened and won’t stop till goal is reached." Dr. Subrahmanyam further said 2020 is not 1962 when Chinese army could capture more than 1.6 lakh sqKM of our land. On June 15 our Jawans crossed LAC to depth of 60 KM and are holding it. We lost 20 bravehearts , though China yet to announce, its casualty is more than 50 including two senior officers. US and China armies are known as the most powerful, but ours is second to none. He ascertained our defense forces were given free hand to decide/act as situation warrants and they, as in an earlier era, need not wait for the clearance from Delhi. Dr. Subrahmanyam has listed what the public/Swayamsevaks duty/responsibility. He wanted every one to be alert, boost the morale of defense forces/public and mobilize, in case emergencies, local army/group to help the civil authorities.

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