Temple, the source of sacred power in crisis management

Last week, Tamilnadu witnessed Hindus hitting the road to press their demand to re-open temples. A Hindu temple is neither a mere place of congregation for people to assemble and show numerical strength nor a vehicle for individuals to attain salvation. Temples are a mechanism devised by Hindu genius to maintain harmony in a cascading arrangement of vyashti (individual), samashti (society). srishti (creation) and parameshti (supreme being). The layout, themes, basic arrangement of various deities, ornamentation and the daily pooja / festivals follow age old practices, beliefs and values. Hence, non-performance of such rituals / pooja / festivals in Hindu temples not only have an adverse emotional / psychological impact on Hindus, but also has an adverse impact on the entire cosmic system. Hence, it is imperative to open Hindu temples without further delay and start the daily pooja / festivals with public participation, of course, by following norms such as physical distancing and wearing of masks. These foundational values have proved to be of immense power to combat and overcome crisis, as in the present context when the Chinese Corona Virus holds the population menacingly in thrall.

In its train comes the news of HR&CE department meeting, which dwelt upon de-silting temple ponds with the onset of monsoon at hand. The idea is, rain water could be collected properly in the ponds. In line with the Hindu mind adoring the panch bhutas, A lot of importance is given to the temple tank. Water from the pond is used as the main source for all activities of the temple. A holy dip by the devotee in the temple tank is held as sacred as the temple itself. Hence, Hindus feel that cleaning of temple ponds should not be seen merely as something utilitarian, though the population in the vicinity stands to benefit by rise in water table owing to the waterbody. De-silting should therefore be done with utmost devotion. In addition to de-silting, the authorities should ensure that the water inlets for temple ponds are cleared to enable free flow of clean water to the pond from other sources as well. 
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु 
(Let everybody live peacefully) and 
सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः 
(May all live happily) reflect he Hindu mindset, They are organically woven into the life in the land.

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