All Stakeholders Air Their Views On The All Pass Order

After having announced and postponed twice the 10 th Standard Board Examinations for the 2020 academic year, the TN govt , finally, dropped the issue of conducting the exams. It also announced, based on the marks scored in quarterly and half yearly examinations conducted in the schools plus attendance, the results will be computed and announced. This has evoked mixed reactions from the society. Various political parties warned that students' lives should not be risked and 'all pass' should be declared; they have welcomed this. The opposition DMK that had announced a protest rally against holding exams , now claims the credit. The ruling party feels it preempted the opposition move.
As expected, a majority of students welcome the all pass move. They have been under stress all these two months; they could not enjoy the holidays. Some of them feel they are at a disadvantage, since normally students may not be serious in preparations to quarterly/half yearly exams , since only the board exam marks count for the onward admissions. Bright students feel their effort to get ranks have gone waste; reason: ranks will be regarded and considered at every stage of future courses. Many parents also feel the biggest casualty is the “ merit”. Many also apprehend, now, the method/basis announced for the final marks will bring the schools prominently into picture, that may lead to favouritism and malpractices.

Teachers may feel relieved from the ordeal of conducting examination under the Covid 19 conditions. Many may think they are deprived of additional income from “invigilation ” and “ paper correction work”.

There are other sections of students who are not fortunate and have to write exams online now or later after colleges reopen; they too want all pass order. Memes in social media go viral on this. In one such meme a student reminded the govt, unlike the 10 th standard students they (college students) are voters also.

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