Alert Hindus thwart Mischievous plan by miscreants at a Shiva temple, Salem

Arulmigu Thiru Mai Mateshwaran Mateshwari Mateeshwari Ammal Temple an ancient Shiva temple located on a hill top spread over 13.24 acres of land in Thalavaipatti Panchayat area, Salem District. For the past 10 years, devotees conduct poojas, locals come to temple and pray regularly. Special poojas on Pradhosha/Shivrathri days to the deity there. In this Hill top, Aavin a milk dairy management has taken over the land for 99-year lease and it has been under its control since 1983. 

Sources of Hindu Munnani says that the trouble started when a new General Manager Vijay Babu took charge at this branch. A notice board warning the area belongs to Aavin and trespassers alert  will be prosecuted. Immediately, Hindu Munnani raised voice along with the locals and objected this action by Aavin. Hindu Munnani alleges that the General Manager Vijay Babu, is a converted Christian and hence wants to hurt sentiments of Hindu devotees. Recently in March, some miscreants tried to set fire to the dress of deities. As per CCTV footage, local police arrested a mentally challenged person, let off and closed the case. Hindu Munnani local district leader Santhosh took initiative to sort out the issue with the Aavin officials. 

As per reports, GM Vijaya Babu said that the notice board was kept as they are working with a plan to set up a milk parlour, mini park, herbal garden for public consumption. Complaints are there with Aavin authorities that some anti-social elements are tented in the hill areas, hence the notice board. Temple will be restored soon at the cost of 20 lakhs and no restrictions to the devotees for prayers in this temple. As ‘Aavin Pillayaar’ temple is there, this temple will also be there as ‘Aavin Lingam’, he said. 

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