Lest We Forget ...

Today it is May 21.

Rajiv Gandhi memorial day.

How did Rajiv Gandhi die?

Was assassinated. A human bomb went off. Rajiv as well as 17 others nearby were killed.

Where did this happen?

Near Sriperumpdhur, in Tamilnadu.



Why did Rajiv go there?

For Lok Sabha poll campaign.

What was he then?

Former Prime Minister.

Who organised the human bomb?

The CBI probed and found out it was LTTE. Supreme Court accepted it.

LTTE means?

Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam.

Is it a foreign outfit?

Yes. An outfit of Srilanka.

Unimaginable! How come they come from a foreign land and could finish off the former Prime Minister most devastatingly?

Such was the calibre of the state and central governments of the day.

It is said DMK is supportive of LTTE; but why congress today should join hands with DMK?

Say Sonia Congress. 

Leave alone the coalition politics; what should never be forgotten by the people in the entire Rajiv assassination episode?

The danger posed to our national security.

That a terror clique could intrude into the country, backed by local accomplices, could murder a person who had served as Prime Minister and also sought to threaten Government of India itself, should never be forgotten.

As the nation offers tributes to the slain former Prime Minister on May 21, people should contemplate upon the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

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