And the Award Goes To......

Now, with the current scenario of the menace called COVID-19, India being caught with increasing numbers of people falling prey to this and dying, who are the people striving, making day and nights seem one to combat this? The doctors, nurses, lab technicians, Health Department, Government Officials, and also the conservancy workers are toiling round the clock. These conservancy workers are doing their jobs covering the streets, areas, leaving no stones unturned every alternate day. The Government has announced hefty awards to those doctors, nurses who have lost their lives to this enigma and placement of Government jobs for their nearest kith and kin. 

While the Government is doing all its might in combating corona, people from their side have to co-operate by staying inside their homes, so the spread can be contained and controlled. It is a true and unforgettable fact that, tinsel town and politicians have had close knit connections from time immemorial. This year especially with so many lives being saved, isn’t time to think of awarding the people who are struggling to control corona? Be it from Doctors to conservancy workers who are literally on the streets, risking their own lives to protect others. 

Doctors, nurses, lab-technicians, in fact all the supporting staff who are contributing to save peoples’ lives, the Government should re-consider seriously, about the option of giving away awards to artistes from the silver screen than to all those who have contributed to save lives from COVID-19. Instead of giving awards to those who are comfortably placed in society, this time they can contemplate to award all those who have helped us in saving us from this menace. 

In Tamil Nadu, with the corona affected reaching 3550, death toll reporting to 31, as of the current status, Government is striving hard to curb the situation. Senior bureaucrat Shri J Radhakrishnan, IAS has been now tasked with coordinating COVID 19 related issues in Chennai. 

It will be really a great gesture from the Government to award the people who have toiled on the ground to save peoples’ lives than to those who shine like star for those given two or three hour. Government has to make a note of this, that real heroes are those who are fighting to save our lives.

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