The Problem Of boosting Morale Of The Warriors

Our Prime Minister twice in the last one month on March 22 and April 5, appealed to all BharatVasis to show gratitude and appreciation to all our corona warriors, health staff, by clapping hands and switching off lights and lighting up diya (lamp). The support was overwhelming and the whole world hailed this. We also observe, read news people complimenting, facilitating Doctors, nurses para medics and police etc. Yesterday a nurse in Cuddalore, TN was facilitated and elsewhere 30/40 patients discharged after treatment for corona positive were given rousing welcome in their locality, now declared "RED". Police had to intervene and detained few of them. Till date 16 Covid deaths were reported which included three doctors. The unfortunate thing is there were opposition to bury the bodies in the cemetery and cremation grounds. The ambulance that carried the body and health workers accompanying were attacked. The govt should ensure the deceased "corona warriors" are given decent burial/cremation. Irrespective of whether the burial/cremation ground controlled by the govt or private no person/group of persons have rights to stop the burial/cremation. Who are these group that oppose? Has the fight against corona is hijacked by the anti-social elements, or political parties or habitual/professional protesters or any group of fundamentalists. It is necessary to keep the morale of the front-line warriors high. To that end, focused awareness creation is the need of the hour. If the trouble makers are not innocent public, the govt should deal with them as per the law of he land.

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