The Press needs a Look

We proudly celebrate and respect the “Corona Warriors” for their meritorious service rendered during this crisis by putting their life in risk. Medical staff, Doctors, Police, and Sanitary workers; let not the Press be left out of this “Corona Warriors” list. There is a reason:

Today “27 Staff members of Tamil News Channel Sathiyam TV tested positive for Chinese Corona Virus”. As per earlier reports a TV journalist working with a Tamil news channel and a print reporter from a Tamil newspaper had tested positive for the virus. The total number of journalists in Tamil Nadu now found positive for the virus has increased to 28. There is another news doing the rounds about an employee belonging to a big Tamil TV Channel tested positive and investigation is on to check whether he was carrier of virus to others as well.

Media people go around to gather news and disseminate the same to create awareness and contain spread of the virus. One of the occasions, where they jostle as a crowd (especially in Tamil Nadu) is during the media briefing by government officials. Surprisingly, Tamil Nadu government’s media briefing is still happening face-to-face.

While the entire country is now conducting media briefings through online platforms, it is imperative for TN government to go online for media briefings with immediate effect. TN Government should be persuaded to quickly decide on this in the interest of media personnel.

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