Telengana Sangh workers rush help to Tamilnadu couple stuck in Hyderabad

For M.Karuppaiah (49) and his wife Chitra (51), the couple hailing from Madurai and national office bearers of All-India Gandhian Movement, Padyatras are a way of life.With a zeal to spread the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, they have undertaken many on a mission mode, covering thousands of kilometres on foot and seeking to strike a chord with people across the country. But during their latest padyatra from Erode in Tamil Nadu to Hyderabad in Telengana they faced some unexpected challenges, after COVID-19 necessitated lock-down came into force. Since educational institutions and temple complexes where they planned to stay had closed, well-wishers tried to get them alternative accommodation. But at a few places, people in the neighbourhood raised objection on health grounds. .They are now in a place run by a charitable trust. Following their messages to different people and institutions, including the Raj Bhavan here, they received support from police, Lions Club and RSS members, with regard to stay, provision of food items and some money.

The Hindu, April 18, 2020 

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