Tamil Media Hand In Gloves With Tablighi Whitewashing

“The mother of a priest at the Meenakshi Amman Temple died of COVID 19 on April 23. The source of her infection had not been identified as on April 25”. This is the way news was broken by mindless media. “Mother of a priest at the Meenakshi Amman Temple” repeated umpeen times by Tamil media registered the message that it is the Hindu temple which is the cause of the virus. Another COVID 19 victim was referred to as “a 90 year old man” by the media. That is telltale proof of the malafide intent of the media minds. Media completely failed to take note of the apple polishing by virus jihadis. Example: “The Tablighi Jamaat members in Tamil Nadu, who have recovered from COVID-19 have come forward to donate their blood plasma for the clinical trial of plasma therapy following a call made by the chief of the sect”. Report of a gulf based person sponsoring poor feeding in many places is yet another proof. Concerted efforts are on to blur the Tablighi blot on the Muslim community. Insensitive media awaits their bidding as it were; they fill the news columns with such whitewashing affidavits. Media needs to be sensitised.

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