Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal Leading By Example In Corona Relief Work

Sri Chendalankara Sampath Kumara Ramanuja Jeeyar is a Sri Vaishnava sannyasi and the pontiff of the Mannargudi Chendalakara Shenbaka Mannar Mutt. Pontiffs of Sri Vaishnava Mathas are referred to by the title ‘Jeeyar Swamigal’. In his pontiffhood, along with his regular religious and cultural duties, the Mannargudi Jeeyar has taken it upon himself to reach out to people belonging to SC community and the most marginalized groups such as the Arundhatiyar, who very often live in segregated colonies in villages. 

Moved by the plight of the homeless due to COVID-19 lock-down, the Jeeyar Swamigal, who is camping in Srirangam, swung into action immediately. Right from day one of the lock-down till date, Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal saw to it that the homeless do not suffer due to hunger. Hence he has arranged for feeding the homeless for three times in a day. He is not satisfied with just giving instructions. He is leading from the front by actively participating in preparation of food, packing the food and distributing the same to the road-side dwellers three times in a day near Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam. The road-side dwellers eagerly await for his arrival daily in getting food pockets from his hands. He has been carrying this work with two assistants and gets food cooked on contract. 

The Jeeyar Swamigal considers this service of feeding the poor as Service to God.

A Timely Help By A Swayamsevak Saved 2 Lives From Suicide

Swayamsevaks have been carrying on relief activities right from day one of the lock-down period and are having different types of experiences while doing this. While distributing relief materials to the needy, Sri Prakash of Salem was very much moved by the plight of a couple. When Sri Prakash went to distribute a kit containing rice, provisions etc., to an aged couple, they recounted their plight that they were on the brink of committing suicide that night as they were without food and that they did not want to ask food from anybody. They also said that they are of the firm view that Lord Shiva had Himself sent Sri Prakash to render help to them. Tears flowed from the eyes of Sri Prakash on hearing this. He controlled his emotions and pacified the couple, gave them some money and asked them to contact him without hesitation whenever they need any help. Sri Prakash returned home with a heavy heart.

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