Lakhs benefitted through COVID Seva in Tamilnadu

Swayamsevaks through Bharati Seva Sangam in Uttar Tamilnadu (RSS), a trust inspired by RSS distributed 1,21,847 food pockets, 12356 grocery kits to the needy from the day of COVID lockdown across Uttar Tamilnadu. Swayamsevaks also distributed 44,356 masks, 8509 Gloves and 6044 Sanitizer. 

Swayamsevaks along with local authorities did spraying of disinfectant in 146 places. Herbal water Subakara Neer and Nilavembu Kashayam was distributed to 2,25,150 persons. 

Launched an app Seva for elders, where the senior citizen of Chennai can dial in 044-35893020 and make their emergency requests. Volunteers are attending these requests across 125 pincodes of greater Chennai. Receiving 30-50 calls per day and around 231 elders were benefitted.

Accommodation were also arranged for 258 persons from other state people.

Relief activities were carried out in 450 places benefiting 2,01,850 people. In addition, herbal water was served to 2,27,150 persons involving 2802 karyakarthas. 

Swayamsevaks serve through local Government authorities and the service was well appreciated. Shri K Pandiarajan, Minister for Tamil Culture visited one of kitchen community and appreciated the work done by swayamsevaks. 

In Dakshin Tamilnadu, 52400 food pockets have been served with 36 kitchen community organized at various places. Grocery kits were distributed to 11,945 people; masks – 1,20,000; sanitizers to 2210 people. Seva is being carried on at 1018 places with 5000 karyakarthas being involved. Swachatha was carried on at 55 places; awareness campaign at 59 places; and disinfectant spray at 161 places. Herbal drink served to 106000 people. 

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