RSS Sarkaryavah on 'Vishwa Guru Bharat, an RSS Perspective'

RSS General Secretary addressed an audience of intellectuals, editors of prominent newspapers and elites on the topic ‘VishwaGuru Bharat, an RSS perspective’ at Dona Paula near Panaji on February 8th and 9th, 2020. 

Bharat is becoming Vishwa Guru and there is no doubt in this. But it is a matter of concern that now Hindu is becoming an enemy of Hindu. Can we get out of this situation? asked Shri Bhaiyya ji. 

Answering to a question raised – Hindu become enemy of hindu community (means BJP), he said, one should keep in mind that Hindu community does not mean BJP. Opposition of BJP means opposition to Hindus, should not be assumed. These people do politics, it goes on. It should not be seen by associating it with it. Yes, Hindu becomes an enemy of Hindu, such examples are there. It is not new. There is only one reason for this – the oblivion of Hindutva. This is the reason for their opposing and there is no other reason. People of one caste also oppose each other. Those who opposed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj belonged to his family and his community. Many Rajputs stood against Rana Pratap. 

Those who created such illusion and became self-centered, such self-centered people oppose the people chose this path. They feel that it is beneficial for us to oppose them. Ask such people, are you not a Hindu? Their reply will be, we do pooja, but your Hindutva is bad. How to decide People say that Hindutva is good for Vivekananda, not Savarkar. Vivekananda's Hindutva is good and Savarkar's not, what is the basis of its assessment? When there was communist rule in Bengal, or even today, they consider themselves anti-Hindu. But, they become the heads of all Durga Puja pandals. If you do not believe in gods, do not have faith in Hindu Dharma, then why do you become the head of the committee, the pandal of Durga Puja? 

Communists are ruling in Kerala. If a Devswom Board is formed, then they should say that we are people of the Communist Party, we do not believe in the gods, who should be made the president. Even the staunch communists come in the competition to become the president of the Devaswom board. What is this? opposing Hindutva is also political, sometimes it is also political to support Hindutva. 

I believe that Hindutva should rise above Hindu society. Opposition of Hindus by Hindus is happening only for political reasons, we assume that. 

All these have no connection with India becoming a Vishva Guru. Vishva Guru Bharat is not dependent on the political people. It depends on the latent power of India. Political fights will continue, because of that there will be no hindrance in becoming a Vishva Guru Bharat.

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