Meet the Tamilian of Today who translated the entire Mahabharatham into Tamizh

Ramayana and Mahabharata are the epics of Aryans, they idolise the Aryan heroes Rama and Krishna -- that is what the fringe groups including Tamil separatists would like us to believe. . But what they hide is the fact that the epics were first translated in Tamil respectively by Kambar and Villiputhurar centuries back and for the Tamil populace the epics are part and parcel of their cultural life. The magnum opus Mahabharatha with one lakh slokas was translated in Tamil prose in early 20th century by M.V Ramanujhacharya, based on the Sage Vyasa version. Also, known as Kumbakonam edition, it was the only Tamil version with very little in print. Shri. Arul Selva Perarasan took upon this mammoth task and completed in 7 years the entire translation based on Kisari Mohan Ganguly's Hindi translation of the Samskritam epic. Shri. Perarasan was honoured in and event by Tamil writer Jayamohan in Coimbatore on February 4, 2020, by an outfit by name Vishnupuram Ilakkiya Vattam. Among those present were former Meghalaya Governor Shri. V. Shanmughanathan, writer P.Anantha Krishnan and Sri Krishna Sweets Murali.The complete work is available in Amazon Kindle. The book will be available in print shortly.

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