VELU NACHIYAR – First queen to fight against the British, won the Battle

Velunachiyar was one of the queens in the 18th century in South India. She rebelled against the British Empire and fought for the freedom of India. She was born in 1730 AD to the King Sellamuthu Sethupathy and to Queen Sakandhimuthal of Ramnad Kingdom. She was the only daughter of this Royal family. The Royal couple had no male heir. The royal family brought up the Princess, Velunachiyar, like Prince of Ramnad due to this reason. 

She was trained in the skills of using weapons and also in martial arts like Valari, stick fighting etc. She learnt horse riding and archery also. The Royal couple had engaged teachers to teach her many languages like French, English and Urdu. Thus this young brave Princess had excellent training in all war techniques. She was a scholar in many languages and was ready to rule the Ramnad Kingdom. She married Sivagangai King Muthuvaduganathar at the age of sixteen. In the year 1772, the English invaded her kingdom and killed her husband. This war was held in Kalaiyar Koil palace. British troops attacked the palace under the command of Lt.Col. Bon Jour. She was very much worried and wanted to take revenge. Dalavay Thandavaraya Pillai and Maruthu brothers sustained injuries. They promised to recapture the palace to punish the English. 

Velunachiar moved to different places often in order to avoid British invaders. She met Hyder Ali and explained in detail in Urdu all her problems with East India Company. She explained him her strong opposition of British regime. Hyder Ali was very much pleased and promised to help her in this conflict… He accepted her request and provided the necessary military assistance. He orderd Syed Karki of Dindigul fort gladar to provide the required military equipments to Rani Velu Nachiyar. He released 5000 infantry and 5000 cavalry to Rani Velu Nachiyar immediately. Her troops advanced to Sivaganga with the help provided by Maruthu brothers. The Nawab of Arcot put so many hindrances to avoid the advancement of Rani Velu Nachiyar’s combined troops. The queen and Maruthu brothers overcame all hurdles. They geared up the troops and entered Sivaganga. She defeated the Nawab of Arcot and took him as a captivator. She re-captured her Sivaganga palace with the help of Hyder Ali and crowned as queen of the Sivagangai kingdom. 

Velu Nachiyar is the first queen who raised the revolt against the British emperor, successfully won the battle and ruled for 10 years. Velu Nachiyar raised revolt against English emperor and fought for the freedom of India 85 years before Jhansi Rani’s freedom struggle in North.

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