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The Tragic Wall Collapse And The Hilarious Urban Naxal Collapse
The National Commission for SCs is reviewing whether the compound wall in Nadur Village in Mettupalayam (Coimbatore district), the collapse of which claimed 17 lives in the first week of December 2019, was a ‘discriminatory one’, as complained by the locals and various organisations. Fact remains that the victims were from SC community (Arundhathiyar or Valmikis) and the builder of the wall is from an ST tribe, Baduga. The Commission Chairman Prof.(Dr)Ram Shankar Katheria and vice Chairman, Dr L Murugan visited the spot. In a brief chat with the reporters, Murugan said based on complaints, the Commission is reviewing whether the wall was constructed for ‘caste discrimination’ (untouchability). Till date the Commision did not pronounce it as ‘untouchability wall’. But, the Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi MP Ravikumar went to town bluffing that the Commission said so, in order to pad up the canard spread by urban naxals and a nondescript separatist outfit ‘Tamil Puligal’; the lie that 3,000 persons in the area intend to convert to Islam to be free from discrimination was exposed when Hindu Munnani and other Hindu organisations promptly broadcast the voice of the family members of the wall collapse victims who stoutly denied the conversion story. “Not a single Muslim approached us with the intention of conversion. We are devotees of Ram and shall never convert” was the essence of their message. Now, one Elavenil of the Tamil Puligal outfit says people from other districts want to convert, not the people of Nadur. So, the mischief makers clearly are on the run.
The Moon In Fact Stood In Between Two Opinions During Solar Eclipse!
(Not exactly between Earth and Sun)
In the Southern parts of Tamil Nadu, a pestle (pounder) was kept in front of some houses even as the December 26 Solar Eclipse began. The pestle stood upright unsupported through the eclipse. As the end of eclipse drew near, the pestle fell on its own. This has been an inexplicable phenomenon observed over centuries. In some places, parents of polio hit children buried the kids in sand up to neck during the eclipse. It is an old belief that it would rid these children of their disability. Parents do it out of a deep love for their kids. But a section of the media exhibited its brazenness in dubbing the deep belief as superstition. Then there were the atheists who took food under media gaze during the thick of eclipse just in order to belittle the taboo that prohibits taking food during eclipse. They ended up as objects of memes by crafty netizens. The opinion was divided as to whether it is harmful to see the sun with bare eyes during eclipse. Observers point out that responsible discourse should precede eclipses as it involves the health of citizens.
Many a hue of anti India mouthings that Tamilnadu witnessed

Once the CAA + NPR act were rolled out, TamilNadu provided a comic relief by way of Kolam (Rangloi) protest.Meanwhile,the notorious Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) secretary Mohammed Faisal used derogatory words about the Indian army and the Home Minister Amit Shah at its meeting in Coimbatore. He mentioned that these two highest offices of authority are spineless and boasted that they cannot do a thing if Muslims of the country go against CAA. In another PFI and SDPI sponsored event, a Congress functionary cum Tamil orator Nellai Kannan exhorted the Muslims to murder the Home Minister and the Prime Minister only to be arrested. That too after a dharna at the Marina by BJP functionaries. On December 29, DMK Rajyasabha MP Kanimozhi tweeted that everyone who is against CAA to put a rangoli or Kolam with mention of their protest. Next day the city saw a few takers for this call. This Rangoli protest staged by DMK threw up eerie scenes when an activist Gayathri Kandhadai along with few others made ruckus with the house owners to include "Anti CAA slogans" in their already completed morning kolams. Hindu Munnani and many many BJP supporters countered these kolam with Pro-CAA and Welcome CAA kolams. It was soon revealed by the City Commissionaire of Police Visvanathan that the lady activist Gayathri has connections with a Pakistan NGO and she will be soon under investigation. 

With local body elections round the corner, these stage managed and funded protests by Dravidian Parties and Anti-Indian outfits died a natural death. 

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