Rashtra Sevika Samiti demands security to women

Rashtra Sevika SamitiTamilnadu organized a protest demo demanding security to women and justice against atrocities to women. Today at Valluvar Kottam in Chennai, this morning saw a gathering of women from all walks of life to protest against the crime meted out against women. Especially aftermath of the gruesome rape and murder of a young girl at Hyderabad and in protest of all the similar incidents from Nirbhaya to the latest. The morning’s protest started with slogans to stop the crimes against women in totality and the immediate need to change the laws of the land against such crimes into more stringent and severity. The voices of the women in unison, must have been heard in the area gathered for a good cause, emphasis on the immediate change in the familial and societal being the most important one. 

The speakers who all opined and the emphasis was on the to implement the culture and tradition followed by our ancestors where women were safe. It has become fashionable to say that living like old timers is looked down, thanks to the social media and the cinema world in corrupting the thinking of the youngsters. The most worrisome situation said, by all the speakers were how schools, colleges, workplace, a woman’s safety has become questionable because even the children are not spared by the habitual offenders. 

The need for more strict laws, no bails should be granted for these offenders, speedy trials should be conducted. No mercy petitions should be considered was reinstated. The long trials on these cases were also condemned. Women should be taught lots of self-defence mechanisms and equip themselves to face any situation that threatens a danger to their womanhood. Children mostly when given the cell phone, it is the duty of the parents to supervise and check on them the sites that they visit to. It is the need of the hour to make all the offenders accountable and they should be given the capital punishment that too in public to instill fear in men who even think of committing crimes against women. 

Sri Ravi Kumar ji, RSS State Organiser, quoted from Bharathi and Ovaiyaar that where goodness and good people prevail that country is always a good country. Men should be trained to see mother in all the women so that they don’t objectify them. Lakshmanan when asked to recognise the jewels that decorated Sita, failed to recognise all other jewels excepting the toe rings of sita. This goes to show how our ancient culture respected women where the mens’ gaze never travelled beyond a woman’s feet. Such tradition and culture should revert back into our modern society. 

The dais had the august presence of Smt Gomathi, Upa-Kshetra Kaaryavaahika-Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Smt.Vidya Sridharan, Sah Prantha Karyavaahika, Sri. Duraishankar SASS, Smt. Kokila Vani ji, Smt. Vanathi Srinivasan BJP and Smt. Uma Anand.

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