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Bharati Showed Us How To Write History Of Hindus

On two occasions, Tamil poet and freedom fighter Subramanya Bharati (1882 - 1921) sends out a distinct message to the modern Hindu mind. One: Through Draupadi Vastrapaharanam scene in his mini epic Panchali Shapatam Bharati makes Draupadi to question Bhishma whether Yudhishtira had the authority to use her as pawn in the game of dice after he himself had been defeated and had become the slave of Kauravas. Bhishma accedes: “the equal status for women existed during the ages of the Vedic Rishis; but the practice prevailing right now is a degenerate version and according to it, woman is not equal to man.” That is how history of Hindus as written by a Hindu would look like. The past is neither painted all black nor it is shown as all rosy. Two: During Bharati’s lifetime, in 1911, a comet passed by close to earth. Several astrological predictions as to the impact of the comet’s arrival were discussed by Indians. But the astronomical explanation for the event was sought from the Europeans. Then an assistant editor in a daily, Bharati was pained at this predicament of the Hindus. He reasoned out that Hindus have forgotten their Gyan Parampara over the centuries. Thus he pointed out that in matters of science our ancestors were no less endowed than anyone in the world. (Birthday of Bharati falls on December 11). 

Secret Of The New - Found Love Of Chinese For Mamallapuram Unfolds

Reports say that lakhs of Chinese tourists are making a beeline to Tamilnadu’s grand old Mamallapuram off Chennai and link this development to the informal meeting this October between Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji and the Chinese President Xi Jinping there. The Chinese President’s avid interest in the ancient history which tells us that a bustling port once existed there and had Chinese connection and Buddhist links too. No wonder, Mamallapuram, with its pallava king “Bodhidharma” connections, is most revered by the Chinese. The legendary Bodhidharma took Buddhism abroad, China being his destination. His “DHYAN” (meditation) and traditional weapon-less warfare of South India, too travelled to China. He imparted his knowledge to the Chinese people then. Today the Chinese have developed a keen interest after coming to know about Mamallapura as the chosen spot for the India China summit meet. The shore side town, a place already popular with of Indian and foreign tourists thronging, now attracts the Chinese tourists too. This would definitely boost the local stone carving industry along with the seashell handicrafts. Needless to say, the scenic seashore view hotels housed there can look for brisk business. The travel and tourism industry is sure to look up as never before, say observers.

Kavalan, To Avert Unnao Or Hyderabad, Hits The Bull’s Eye in Chennai!

Chennai police arrested two men, identified as Dawood (41) and Salim (38) at 8.30 pm on December 7 in Korukkupet of North Chennai. The duo were accused of trespassing into an apartment at Korukkupet. Police control room received a distress alert made through Kavalan app and the message was traced to R K Nagar. The two men in the house were secured by police after the woman in the house – Anita Surana (47) - informed the police that the men barged into the house claiming to be courier delivery boys. She had installed Kavalan SoS application on her phone after reading about it in newspaper. She used it when the men entered the house sensing danger. This is the first arrest using ‘Kavalan SoS’ mobile phone application (Kavalan in Tamil means protector). The app is meant to help women in distress. However, the men had allegedly insisted that they had come to the right place and an argument ensued which made Anita to press the distress button. The men reportedly pressed one digit of a massage parlour phone number wrong and the call went to Anita. The woman who mistook the caller for the courier boy gave him the directions over the phone. Dawood and Salim were remanded to judicial custody. It is to be noted that Dawood, a relative of Salim, hails from Myanmar.

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