Shri Guruji went to Jammu and Kashmir on the request of Sardar Patel to persuade the Maharaja, AccessionDay

Shri Guruji went to Jammu and Kashmir on the request of Sardar Patel to persuade the Maharaja.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first home minister of independent India, had a desire that Kashmir should remain an integral part of India. But keeping in mind Nehru's policy towards Sheikh Abdullah, he was very cautious in this regard. He was fully aware of the devious actions of Pakistan in Kashmir and that is why he was getting more and more concerned with the uncertainty of Kashmir's accession to India. It was in this concern that Sardar Patel suddenly came up with a plan. He was confident that Pujya Guruji would persuade Maharaja Hari Singh to merge Kashmir with India. His plan was to assure the Maharaja that Sardar Patel, as the Home Minister, would take over the latter if he agreed to the merger. In order to implement his plan, Sardar Patel considered Guruji as the best character who would be able to explain to the Maharaja. Sardar Patel contacted the then Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Meherchand Mahajan and informed him that he should invite His Holiness Guruji to Srinagar. In those days there was no public flight between Delhi and Srinagar and the Jammu-Srinagar route was also not safe. Due to this, special aircraft will be arranged from Delhi but Sardar Patel sent this message to Meherchand Mahajan as soon as the Maharaja and Guruji meet. On the invitation of Shri Meharchand Mahajan as directed by Sardar Patel, Pujya Guruji reached Srinagar on 17 October 1947 by a special aircraft. In his talks with Maharaja Hari Singh, none other than Meherchand Mahajan was present. Nearby, Yuvraj Karan Singh was resting on a bed in a plaster tied position due to injury in an accident. The topic of the merger came up after a formal conversation. Mahajan said, "All the routes to and from Kashmir are from Rawalpindi. Daily living utilities like food grains, salt, kerosene etc. also come to Kashmir by this route. The Jammu-Srinagar road is neither good nor safe. The airport in Jammu is also not systematically functional. In such a situation, soon after the merger with India, the essential goods imported here will be immediately banned from Pakistan. Because of this, the plight of the people will not be seen from us. So, if it is only for some period, will it not be in the interest of Kashmir to maintain an independent existence? "

In response to Mahajan's question, Guruji said, "I can understand your feeling in relation to your people because of the affinity of your conscience, but even if you want to keep Kashmir at the top of India independent." Pakistan will never accept that. Efforts are being made by Pakistan to instigate the fire of rebellion in your princely army and among the people. … Pakistan is going to block Kashmir in the next 6-7 days. … At that time, you can imagine how much crisis will befall you and the subjects of Kashmir. Due to the princely state being declared independent, the Indian Army will not be able to come to your safety. Therefore, in my view, the merger with India at the earliest and only the path of interest remains in front of us. "The Maharaja said," Pt. Nehru urges that before the merger of Kashmir with India, Sheikh Abdullah is released and handed over the rule of Kashmir in his hands. Guruji assured the Maharaja, "Your doubt is justified, but Sardar Patel is fully aware of the activities of Sheikh Abdullah. Being home minister, they will take care of your subjects. "

The Maharaja said, "The RSS volunteers have given us very important information from time to time. At first we did not believe those news, but now we are completely confident about the truth of those reports. The courage shown by the volunteers of the Sangh in giving information about the movements of the Pakistani Army, to the extent that it is appreciated, will be less. If Patel is going to be cautious about the activities of Abdullah himself, then we are ready to merge Kashmir in India. "Guruji," Sardar Patel will complete all the formalities on behalf of the Central Government as soon as you get your approval. " Maharaja, "I completely agree with you. Please inform Sardar Patel about this. ”Guruji returned to Delhi on October 19, 1947 in a special aircraft and apprised Sardar Patel of the negotiations with Maharaja Hari Singh.

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