RSS leader urges China to return Aksai Chin to Bharat

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet for the second 'informal summit' at Mammallapuram, outskirts of Chennai.  The meeting between the leaders is expected to enhance bilateral co-operation. 
At this juncture, Indresh Kumar, senior RSS leader and patron and guide of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), Bharat-Tibet Sahyog Manch (BTSM), Himalaya Parivar and many other such organizations has asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to return Aksai Chin area to Bharat.

Indresh Kumar’s demand coincided with the two-day visit of the Chinese President to India beginning Friday. 

Indresh Kumar also appealed the Chinese President to exercise restraint on its expansionist and imperialist policy. Aksai Chin is the original Indian Territory which was ceded to China by Pakistan who forcibly occupied it soon after the partition of India in 1947. Indresh Kumar appealed to Chinese President to use his good offices to ask Pakistan which is friend of China, to hand over the Occupied Kashmir to India, to which it lawfully belonged.

Talking to a news agency Indresh Kumar said that the scope of talks between the two heads of state is totally dependent on them. However, Home Minister Amit Shah had stated in the Parliament that Aksai Chin is the part of undivided India and assured that there will be discussion on this issue. He had also appealed China to restraint its expansionist and imperialist attitude.

Expressing satisfaction over China considering Kashmir as bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, Indresh Kumar said China must look at this as a matter between the two nations. He said that China should exercise its influence on Pakistan and ask it to handover the Indian Territory occupied illegally by Pakistan to India. In 1947 at the time of Partition of India, Jammu-Kashmir was integral part of India and was forcibly occupied by Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Congress Spokesman Manish Tewari also raised the issue of Aksai Chin and dared the Narendra Modi government to ask China about Aksai Chin whin has been “illegally ceded by Pakistan to China.

Tewari said that when China said it was watching Kashmir, why did not Government of India countered by saying that they are watching the happenings in Hong Kong or Tibet where the Chinese government has resorted to rampant human rights violation and use of brute force.


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