NRC is a celebration of human values, not religious, RSS Senior leader

Persons who oppose National Citizen Registration need to understand the difference between refugees and intruders and it is the right time to detect intruders in our country, said Shri Indresh Kumar, Senior RSS leader and margadarshak of Rashtriya Muslim Munch in a seminar organized at Central Library Ranchi by Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch. 

More than 16 percent of the world’s population lives in India, while the land is only 3-4 percent. Population control needs to be checked, as the resources are limited with that of population growing at a fast rate. Pressure on resources will increase in the next 50-100 years and the circumstances will get worse. Therefore, it is highly important to focus on population control. Population control is not religion based. Those who took refuge in India should be considered refugees. Except for those who came to India illegally, they should be considered intruders. 'NRC' is necessary to detect such illegal intruders, he said. This is a celebration of human values, not religious, an intellectual movement should start, he added.

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  1. NRC is essential for the whole nation to identify illegal immigrants/infiltrators who can harm our national interests in multiple ways and jeopardize our internal security! Every right-thinking Indian must welcome NRC in his /her own interest and that of his progeny!