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Tamilnadu CM Edappadi Palanismi Is, After All,
A Hindu, You See!
A slice of history here: In 1957, Rajaji (C. Rajagopalachariyar) authored retold versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata in Tamil and English shortly after relinquishing office as Chief Minister of the state. People of Tamilnadu lapped them up. The books sold over 1.3 million (13 lakh) copies in a few years. Sixty years hence, a politician of Tamilnadu had the guts to let people know that he is a Hindu and a practising Hindu at that. It is the incumbent Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Edappadi Palanisami. Recently, the CM sat in corner of a temple mandap reciting Tamil version of samkshepa ramayanam, accompanied by his family. Sure, the Hindu awareness campaign over several decades in the state seems to bear fruit. A Tamilnadu politician throws away the facade of secularism and identifies himself as a Hindu and the devil’s dance of atheism spread over half a century had to shut up shop.

When A Chennai Cow Laid Bare
Our Incorrigible Eco-Failure

Fifty-two (52) kilograms, yes, that is the amount of plastic that has been removed from the stomach of a cow in Chennai. The owner bought the cow to Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS), Vepery, Chennai, with the complaint of the animal constantly kicking underbelly, having constipation and difficulty in urinating. The veterinary doctors immediately went for a diagnosis and confirmed a surgery is required for the ruminant.What came out was a shocker: aluminium foils, Maggi covers, Parle-G biscuit covers... all part of what was retrieved from the animal's stomach. Mindless disposal of plastic, unsegregated waste by humans not only pollute the environment but also remains a fatal threat other living beings, especially cows, as in this episode, that we adore as Gomatha.

How Vivisection Of Bharat Mata Tormented
A Chennai YouthAnd Goaded Him Into Action

R. Gopalan, a 21 year old swayamsevak of Chennai’s Mylapore shakha, stood at the Chennai Central Railway Station and stared at trainloads of hapless, uprooted Sindhi families being directed to the barren Avadi refugee camp. Where is Sindh and where Chennai? Why this pathetic condition? He was witnessing actually the gruesome vivisection of Bharat Mata. It pained his heart. That was in late 1947. Having finished his studies, he opted for patriotic work by becoming a pracharak of RSS, which till today he is. Now, people of Tamilnadu know him as “Rama.Gopalan of Hindu Munnani”. He is among the founders of the formidable organisation that fights relentlessly to safeguard the interests of Hindus. Last week Rama.Gopalan turned 93. Sadhus of Ramakrishna Math, Journalists and Hindu activisits admired his life-long successful Hindu Jagaran work at a felicitation function at Chennai. But what Hindu Munnani organising secretary G. Bhaktavasalan sees as the formidable task achieved by Rama. Gopalan is the network of energetic teams of Hindu karyakarthas in every taluk of the state.

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