See Man, You Are In Deep Trouble

Seeman, the Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) head, is in the news again for wrong reasons – and he faces trouble. Tamilnadu and Tamils around the world consider ex PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination in Tamilnadu in 1991 as a blot in their political history. And here is Seeman mouthing something to the effect: "Yes, we Tamils killed the Tamil traitor Rajiv Gandhi in this land and we are proud about it. We killed him and buried him in this very same land". With LTTE Prabhakaran banner as stage backdrop, the meeting in poll-bound Vikkiravaandi, made people sit up. This secessionist speech notwithstanding, Seeman reiterated his stand in an interview saying he would not take back his words. Seeman’s bragging about the gruesome death of the ex PM has drawn condemnation from various party heads except DMK. The Tamilnadu unit of the Congress has condemned his speech and has filed a case against him with Vikkravaandi police station. Pressure is mounting for the arrest of Seeman under Sedition Law for his anti national rant. On the other hand, it is an irony that his party is also clamouring for the release of seven lifers in TN Jail involved in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Seeman’s speech, by the way, exposes the connection between Tamils and the gruesome murder, thus rendering the "Release 7 Tamils" plea hollow. It is high time NIA shifts its focus on to TN and arrest Seeman and include him as the 8th person connected with Rajiv murder. Can anyone forget how Seeman brazenly had played host to Kashmir separatists at an NTK sponsored meeting in Cuddalore a few years back?

Is A Secular Government Fit To Manage Hindu Temples?

Siva soththu kula naasam, goes a Tamil proverb. It means, it is disastrous to possess temple property for ones’ personal gain or benefit. What to think of vandalising the temple or looting of the same. On October 12 morning a hill top temple in Vandavasi, Thiruvannamalai, abode of Lord Davala Gireeswarar, was found demolished. The top dome covering the sanctum sanctorum was in a shambles. It is said to be an act of miscreants who looted the kalasams atop the dome. On October 13 another incident has been reported at the Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswarar temple, dedicated to the god of fire (among the five elements of nature). There, iron railings were erected around the navagrahas in front of the Unnamalai Amman sannadhi. In the process, not only were the ancient stone pillars pierced, many carved images of devatas on the pillars were disfigured. This vandalism was reported to the District administration, which took immediate steps. Architects have already visited the temple and it will be restored soon to its original form sans the iron railings. The insensitive attitude of the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department of the state government emphasizes once again that the secular government must quit Hindu temple administration.

A Clean Sweep Away From Sermons

Prime Minister Modi's sojourn in Mahabalipuram has surely won the hearts of people of Tamil Nadu. The PM sported a typical Tamil Veshti-Angavastram; he explained to the Chinese Premier Xi-Ping about the Mahabalipuram architecture marvels as any Tamil enthusiast would. He sure caught the imagination of the Tamils particularly so was the PM's plogging along Mahalabilpuram beach. Holding a Acupuncture roller on one hand and a bag on other, he collected the plastic trash on the shore san during his morning constitutional. This act has hit the target. The very next day after the summit, more than one lakh tourists gathered at Mahabalipuram to have a look at the ancient masterpieces on rock. Unfortunately, trash pile up. Shri. Prakash Pakkirisami could not bear the sight. Along with his family he started collecting the trash. He also garnered attention from the crowd by his small speech which ran thus: "It is not even a day since the PM plogged the beach and insisted about Swacch Bharat as well as FIT India. Here we have started dirtying all over again. Please do not litter. Please note, your litter or trash is your responsibility ". His deed and word electrified not only the bystanders they became viral in social media and attracted TV channel coverage. Add to this the similar example-setting by Justice Kothandam, a Judge at AP High Court: his lordship was seen picking up trash during a party in the HC premises the day after. Clearly, the PM has put his message across.

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