Having a Precise estimation of the contribution of women to the GDP of the nation is the need of the hour- Nirmala Sitaraman

New Delhi 19/8/19
Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman observed that the contribution of the ordinary Home Maker and domestic work is not getting due recognition and value in the GDP of the nation and we need to work in this direction. She appealed to the world’s Largest Womens’ Organisation Rashtra Sevika Samiti and its affiliated women organisations to apply their mind to this subject and come up with solutions that can represent more adequately the contribution and value of women’s work to the National production of goods and services. 

Smt Sitaraman was sharing her thoughts on the budget 2019/20! With reference to women centric budget proposals. She was participating in a programme organised by Medhavini Sindhu Srujan which is a part of Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Delhi Prant. 

Speaking on the subject of the budget 2019-20 Smt Nirmala Sitaraman observed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had directed her that the Budget should be such that everyone had something in it for him or her and which enables the common man to connect with it easily. The focus in this budget was helping the people living in the villages to also have ease of living, the budget had something for the women of every strata of society. Referring to the MUDRA YOJANA, she observed that women have taken advantage of this scheme in a big way though the scheme is for all eligible citizens and one reason that women have used this scheme is such a big way is that it requires no collateral security and they did not have to depend on their menfolk to take advantage of the scheme. 

Smt Sitaraman also said that she had great respect for the industrialists and wealth creators of our nation as they not only contributed to Nation building, but also created jobs. She said she is working towards making the Tax department a facilitator instead of being an administrator and for this purpose, she is meeting employees of the tax department in second tier cities and after Ahmedabad she will be going to Varanasi, Mysore etc for discussion with employees. 

On this occasion, Smt Sunila Sowani, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramuk, Rashtra Sevika Samiti said that women and old age people who were being taken care of by families in the past are slowly coming under the responsibility of the Government whereas the Government does not have the resources adequate for this task . She observed that the women centric programmes of the Government benefited the entire family and for this reason we need to think on the economic and financial benefits of the contribution of women. 

Smt Bindu Dalmiya, Rashtriya Vithh Samaveshan Samiti, Niti also spoke about the proposals in the budget to enhance women’s participation . Corporate Professional Smt Preeti Srivatsav said that there is need to publicise Government programmes in the far and remote parts of India so that poor women in these regions also benefit from these programmes. Shikshavid Smt Preeti Goyal said that the tax administration needs to become more simplified and tax payers need to be recognised / honoured. 

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