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Corridor Of Power In Tamilnadu Open To Urban Naxals?

Even as Hindu activists in Tamilnadu were getting ready to fan out into society armed with the Rakhi symbolising the message of brotherhood among children of Bharat Mata, came the state government diktat to the effect that schoolchildren should not be allowed to come to school with any wrist band. That was a circular by the education department sent out to all district education officers. The circular stated that apart from wristbands, students should not be allowed to wear rings and forehead 'tilaka' as they are also caste markers. The reason cited was that wrist bands of distinct colours represented the caste of the wearer and discrimination was practised through that. The instigation emerged out of a discussion in a non descript group of IAS trainees in Mussourie. The person who engineered the hateful circular remains incognito. But one Kathir @ Vincent Raj of Evidence, a Dindigul based NGO specialising in fanning social tensions, was quick to take the ban idea to the town. Hindu organisations called for action against the officer who issued the circular. As a result, Tamil Nadu school education KA Sengottaiyan said that there will be no ban on the use of these wristbands for school students. Eventually, Raksha Bandhan went on smoothly. But the minister shocked everyone by admitting that the circular was issued without his knowledge. This clearly indicates that corridors of power in the state are wide open to urban naxals. Quite scary.

Two Cases Of Secular Marauders

A year back, Nirmala, a woman professor of a college in Aruppukottai, was charged of luring girl students into a sleezy route to procure good marks. How this case was handled is the issue here. Police rummaged her house and arrested her; she spent more than a year behind bars; repeated telecast of this incident gave public an opinion that this is happening only in Hindu colleges. All this left the professor mentally affected. In stark contrast is the fate of a recent complaint by 34 girl students of Madras Christian College alleging that they were subjected to sexual harassment by two of the college’s lecturers during an educational tour. The ongoing Internal Complaints Committee probe was cited as reason for zero action on the serious complaint. Incidentally the probe found the two culprits guilty; they both were dismissed. In July, one of the two sought legal remedy against his dismissal. It was only then the entire sordid affair came to light. But the 34 girls will have to wait endlessly for justice as it involves a “minority” institution. When the judge, in sheer anguish, observed in the court, “what a fate awaits students in the campuses of Christian institutions?”, hell broke loose. The Bishop’s Council objected to the observation and the Judge (Justice Vaidyanathan) promptly withdrew his own observation! 

The Ever Tilted Tharaazu Of Denied Justice!

Terrorizing Hindus judicially is nothing new to Tamilnadu. This state has seen all, from endless petty cases on swamijis to arresting Shankaracharya,the seer of the oldest Hindu mutt, on a Diwali day. The latest case in point is Shreemath Shendalankara Jeeyar, a Vaishnavite seer. The police has issued summon to swami ji based on the complaint by a Tamil Nadu Towheeth Jamaat (TNTJ) cadre who alleged that swamiji's speech instigated unwanted controversy. During the Kanchi Athi varadar darshan, swamiji had mentioned in an interview that "Devatha Murthies and idols of Tamilnadu temples had to be kept hidden underwater to escape the wiley eyes of Muslim and Christian invaders and idol beakers in the past . Since there is no threat now the Athivaradar idol can be kept open all the time for darshan". this waswilfully twisted in the complaint, terming it as hate speech. The police too readily obliged and issued the summon on the Hindu seer. One has only to compare and contrast the cases filed against Bishop Ezra sargunam for openly instigating Christians to punch in the face of Hindus if they refusing to convert, the virulent evangelist Mohan Lazarus who repeatedly calls Hindu gods as "shaitaan" and the rabble rousing VCK leaderThol Thirumavalavan who called forth to demolish temples and convert them into Buddha Viharas: all those cases remain dead as log.

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