Response to the questions raised by the participants in Chennai by Shri Nagaraj

Following are the excerpts of question and answer session that followed the speech of Shri Nagaraj, Dakshin Madhya kshetra Sangachalak to the responsive crowd at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai

Question 1 : 
We see disturbing trends leading to erosion of moral standards, rampant corruption, grabbing temples and attacking traditions. We are deeply anguished. 

Ans : We understand the anguish. This is not isolated issue only in Tamilnadu. The degree may vary but is seen in other parts of the country .

What should be done ? Awareness to be created. The silence of good is the problem. Bring the good people together. In Karnataka with the support of good people an ambitious project to plant one crore trees was started. One crore tree plant seed balls were prepared in Schools , Mutts and other like minded organizations and were thrown in forests. 60 lacs were thrown last year and the work will continue this year also. Sangh teaches simple living. Nalla Shakti should come together. A decade ago Karnataka was highly corrupt state. But things have changed for the better now. So change will come but good people should come together. We should meet and dicuss.

Question : Conversion rampant and breaking India forces are active.

Ans : Conversion is not just because of money . In cities it is masked but in villages the real extent of social equanimity can be seen. Recently RSS Chief Shri Mohan ji Bhagwat has asked us to take a survey of the condition in villages related to social equality. The survey checked if in villages there was equal access to temple, well and burial ground. c is not just money survey in villages. The survey showed that in most of the villages there was no issue. But upon studying further in depth, it was surprising to find that in many villages instead of having common temples they have built temples for each community !

This discrimination should go. This issue is in the brain of upper caste and that should go. In spite of 200 years of concerted efforts a vast section of our people have withstood conversion.

Breaking India is a deliberate attempt to use clever language by the so called Progressive individuals using intellectual epitaphs. India is one and a simple example is that the name of Rama ,Krishna and Siva are there in all the states though there might be some difference Rama , Ramudu , Ramanna or Ram lal / Ram Singh. This is a simple proof that the country is one. “Even in superstitions we seem to be one. I have seen bus drivers not starting the bus if a black cat crosses and I have seen the same in Ladakh”. Asking for extra vegetables called Kosuru is seen in all parts of the country. Our country is multi cultural like a garland with many flowers and Hindutva is the uniting thread. Hindutva is the essence of Hindu life.

Question : Why no T V Channel for Sangh: 

Answer : A TV channel owner met RSS Chief , four years ago. He was running a leading TV and wanted to help Sangh start a TV. The RSS chief suggested that he first do a survey on how people believe the mis-propaganda news on RSS. Out of the 3000 people who were surveyed only 3 percent said that they believe! Further study revealed that these people had political affiliations. So the media head concluded that RSS does not need a channel and in 10 years all channels will be for RSS !.

Question : Role of women: Separate parallel activity for them . Also abbreviated as RSS. They are doing tremendous work in Mizoram and Arunachal . Women are giving great contribution in sister organizations of RSS

Question on : Education policy / Temple land and Ram mandir

Education : Should be Bharateeya. Should inculcate Hindu values. All born here and respect the nation are all Hindus. They may not worship Ram or Krishna. Core values should be brought, Five commissions starting from Kothari commission have studies and given reports. Government has refused to take action due to vote bank politics. The recent draft by Dr Kasturirangan will be studied and after discussion will be implemented as per due process.

Ram Mandir : A huge temple should be built. There existed a temple in 1949. A priest was performing puja but it is just that it collapsed as the structure was weak. It has to be rebuilt, all preparations are going on. It is a civil dispute and will be amicably solved. Ram Temple will be built.

How to join RSS. RSS has been working for the past 93 yrs and has 58,000 Shakas and 12000 Milans. There are one lakh 70,000 sewa projects. Probably biggest service organization in the world. But we are 123 crore people. This number is insignificant. But more and more people are coming. Join RSS portal in Bangalore gets thousands of requests. Four homemakers are working in connecting them to RSS shakhas. There is lot of need for Sewa organization. Need for teaching is high . In recent elections many youth came forward to campaign. The Samartha bharat program has 48 types of work and Youth For Seva does many projects. If you have a Theme We have a team. If you have a team we have a Theme.

Resurgence should continue and sustain. But Divine grace is available only for those who work .
A great Swiss Political commentator has expressed that world can survive only with Bharat. Arnold Toynbee who wrote the History of World has said “At the close of this century, the world would be dominated by the West, but that in the 21st century India will conquer her conquerors “

Shri Nagaraj appealed to all “ Kindly join and please contribute” 

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