Two different ideas of Bharat - Dr. Manmohan Vaidya

This election was between two different ideas of Bharat. On one hand was the ancient idea of Bharat based on spirituality which was integral, holistic and an all-inclusive view of life. This has been known across the world as Hindu view of life or Hindu thought.

On the other hand, was the thought which saw Bharat by dividing it into different identities. They worked for their vested interests by dividing the society on the basis of caste, language, region and religion. Those who indulged in such politics of exclusion and division were always opposed to the idea that is integral and includes everyone. They tried to create a wrong perception over this view of life by making baseless allegations and repeatedly spreading lies.

This ideological battle which has been going on since independence, has now reached a decisive moment. This election is an important stage in this fight. When the society is united, there will be no platform for such divisive politics to survive. It was due to this that all such divisive elements came together and supported each other only to oppose the forces that unite everyone.

However, the wise people of Bharat have ensured the comprehensive victory of those who work on the principle of uniting everyone and development for all. This is a joyful and reassuring day that will foster a bright future for Bharat. People of Bharat deserve all the compliments. Hearty congratulations to all those who led and worked in the interest of Bharat in this ideological battle.

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