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The valaikappu Way Of A Hindu Activist To Usher In A Change!

Ezhilarasi, daughter of Hindutva activist Shri. Manoharan of Manali, Chennai, sat at the dais bejewelled in all finery. The occasion was her valaikappu ceremony (Bangle ceremony of pregnant women). Issueless married women are barred from such functions; they are not even invited, even if they are relatives. Those hapless young women crave for their own valaikappu day which eludes them; they have also to put up with injury inflicted upon them by such taboos. Recently, a few issueless women were seen happily participating in the valaikappu of Ezhilarasi. They were neighbours of the activist Shri. Manoharan, Tamilnadu State Secretary of Hindu Munnani; he had personally invited each of them; on arrival they were surprised to find the kindness shown to them by the thoughtful host family. Those women were ushered on to the dais; nalangu (an auspicious paste of turmeric) was applied to their feet; they were offered bunches of auspicious flowers; to cap it all, their wrists were decorated with bangles – as though it is their valaikappu day! All, in the presence of the guests. Overcome with emotion, those women were in tears. “During my tours I use to hear the harrowing tales of women targeted by such taboos. I thought of a way out and my daughter’s valaikappu ceremony provided an opportunity”, says Manoharan. The change initiated in one’s family leads to change in society in a natural way, as frequently emphasised by Sarsanghchalak of RSS Shri Mohan Bhagwat.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel For River Noyyal?

These days there is so much talk about check dams. The check dam design should be in such a way that “the water that flows should be made to walk and the water that walks should be made to crawl and the crawling water should be taken to earth's lap, where it is hidden from the sun to minimise evaporation,” says water conservationist Rajendra Singh. He was in Coimbatore where he asserted, “River Noyyal can be rejuvenated within three years if proper measures are taken” while addressing a meeting organised by Kovai Kulangal Pathugapu Amaipu and Siruvani Vizhuthugal. “In India there are 190 agro-climatic zones, each of which required a unique check dam design. A centralised design, as mandated by the authorities in New Delhi, will not work as the geography is to be respected.” – that was another observation by Singh. There are 130 types of check dams. What was required in River Noyyal basin required an understanding also of the flow in the river. The engineering and technology for the check dam and aquifer should be location-specific and so should be the type of crops grown near the river, he said.

The 2019 Lok Sabha Polls In Tamilnadu: A Rich Harvest Of "Firsts" !

The 2019 Lok Sabha election results may or may not be as per expert predictions but this election will.remain etched in memories because of so.many "firsts".This is first election without Dravidian bigwigs like Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha..This is first election wherein issues pertaining to Hindu interests like Sabarimala, Aandal issue, atheist abuses were seriously debated. This is also the first election which saw Hindu saadhus and sanyasis in Tamilnadu on warpath. They came out and appealed to vote for the party which protects Hindu interests and Tamil culture.This is the first election where emerging parties like Makkal needhu mayyam,Naam tamilar,AMMK were perceived to divide both AIADMK & DMK votes. Madurai Aadheenam, Srimath Sampatkumara shendalangara jeeyar were covered by news channels as the sadhus cast their votes.That is something unheard of in the Tamil nadu's public life. This is the first election where every party came out and claimed their Hindu credentials. DMK went further and complained to the Election Commission that their party is being projected as Anti-Hindu but they are not so. It was seen by observers as "protesting too much". Last but not the least, bribing the voter was so blatant during the campaign that Tamilnadu easily topped the list of serious offenders across the country.

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