RSSABPS2019 Vibhagwise reporting

Sharirik Vibhag
Akhil Bharatiya Ghosh excellence varg – In this 20 day camp held at Baitul[ Madhya Bharat Prant] 88 trainees and 12 trainers from 42 Prant participated. A new tune was composed and named as ‘Martand’ in this camp.
Akhil Bharatiya Niyuddha Varg – The 6 day camp was arranged in in Kochi [Kerala] in which 161 trainees and 12 teachers from 42 Prant participated.
Kanyakumari – On the occasion of Vivekananda jayanti 33 tunes were played for one Hour on the rock memorial. 67 Vadaks from Nagpur also participated.
Prahar Yagya – This year 432881 Swayamsevaks from 32800 shakhas ansd 3652 Saptahik Milan participated and total 237542094 Prahars were made. Compared to last year, there is an increase of 366 Shakhas, 1346 Saptahik Milan in the participation and the number of Prahars are 27 lakh 7000 more than last year.

Bouddhik Vibhag

Workshops were organized in various Prants on the subjects group discussions, long stories, media analysis, cultural history of Bharat through maps etc subjects. More than 7000 Karyakartas from various districts attended the workshops. Special workshops were arranged on Sangh Prarthana at 4 places in which 237 karyakartas participated. At three places camps were held for selected karyakartas in which 218 karyakartas participated.

Sampark Vibhag

The work has started in all districts. Everywhere it is experienced that Sangh work is received favorably across the sections of society. A Coffee table book Introducing RSS was prepared and was presented to the select luminaries across the country. The feedback is very positive.

In the presence of Akhil Bahratiya Adhikaris, discussion programs are organized at various places on the Vijayadashami speech of P. P. Sarsanghachalak. This year such programs were organized at 30 places. The participation of the invitees and the agreement on the points discussed was quite satisfactory.

The three day Delhi program of P. P. Sarsanghachalak has also proved to be successful and effective. Along with this, in Sarsanghachalak tour personal interactions with influential opinion makers are routinely arranged.

Sewa Vibhag

This year an Akhil Bharatiya survey of Sewa karya was planned. 11612 karyakartas surveyed 1,30,069 Sewa karya. The estimated beneficiaries of all these Sewa Karay are 80 lakh.

Last year 2 lakh people donated blood in various blood donation camps. 6974 shakhas do sewa activities regularly. 18000 bastis are in contact due to various Sewa Karya.

Prachar Vibhag

Social media conclaves were arranged in Jaipur, Delhi and Bhuvaneshwar. Leading 1100 activists of social media participated in the events.

“Bhavishya Ka Bharat’ The dialogue of P. P. Sarsanghachalak in Delhi was webcast directly on and has been viewed by 60 lakh people since then.

Authors meet were held at Ujjain, Patna and Bhagyanagar. The theme was Hindutva – different dimensions. 225 authors and bloggers participated.

Narad Jayanti was celebrated at various places. 27000 people and 6465 journalists attended the events. 945 journalists were honoured.

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