RSS-ABPS 2019 Prant-wise special programs reporting

Uttar Tamilnadu- Basti Sangam, Chennai
In Chennai Mahanagar, special efforts are on to achieve the target of making all bastis Karya-yukta. Baithak, Sampark, and various programs are arranged Nagar-wise in which efforts are being taken to have representation of all Bastis. On the occasion of Sarsanghachalak tour, ‘Basti Sangam’ was organized in January 2019. A target was set that 5 Swasyamsevaks and 5 other citizens from each Basti should be present. A list of 5170 people from 880 bastis was made out of which 2918 people from 816 bastis attended the ‘Basti Sangam’. 93% Bastis were represented in the program. More than 50 Saptahik Milan have started and the aim is to have a shakha in each Basti by march 2021. Every Saturday will be a basti day and the first Sunday of every month will be observed as attendance day.

Karnataka Dakshin – Karyakarta Shibir

A plan has been made with the aim to have Shakhas in all mandals and Bastis by March 2021. As part of this plan a two day karyakarta Shibir was held at Shivmoga on 19-20 January 2019. Basti Pramukh, Upmandal Pramukh, Mandal karyavaha and all karyakartas of above level were expected to attend the Shibir. Total 3486 Karyakartas attendd the shibir including 846 Basti Pramukh and 1204 mandal Karyakartas. The shibir will certainly be helpful in the development of karyakartas and expansion of work.

Telangana – Swararchan

A three day shibir for the Kishor Ghosh Vadak was arranged at Siddipeeth in December 2018. The shibir, named ‘Swararchan’ was attended by 683 Vadak from 50 Centers. 556 Swayamsevaks were students from class 7 to 10 and 127 were karyakartas. Shri. Jagadish ji, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sharirik Pramukh guided the Shibir.

Pashicm Maharashtra – late Bapurao Date birth centenary special Ghosh program
On the occasion of late Bapurao Date birth centenary who composed many Ghosh tunes, a special Ghosh vadan program was arranged in April 2018 in the presence of many national and international dignitaries. 100 experts and prominent persons from music and art industry attended the program including retired Police officers. 97 Swayamsevaks, those who have have rehearsed for almost 350 Hours, participated in the program. ‘hari Vandana’ A special tune composed in Rupak tal to commemorate Bapurao Date, was played in this program. P.P. Sarsdanghachalak ji attended the program.

Vidarbha – Pravasi Karyakarta Shibir

In January 2019 a three day Shibir was organized for the Karyakartas of Mandal, Upkhand and above with a view to quality improvement and to enhance the activities. Intensive training was planned throughout the year. Training of all pravasi karyakartas was organized at district and Vibhag level. In November 2018 expansion drive was taken followed by gatherings in 141 Khand of the Karyakartas expected in th eShibir. As a result there was good attendance in the Shibir. Total 3422 Karyakartas attended the Shibir which is 64% of total expected karyakarta. As a follow up, Ekatrikaran at basti level and processions on the occasion of Varsh Pratipada and ram navami are planned. There is confidence that all these activities shall accelerate the work expansion.

Gujarat – Samajik Mahayagya

As a part of Samarasta Gatividhi Samarasata Mahayagya were held at Nagar and tahasil level. Special efforts were taken for the attendance of revered Saints and women. 6674 couples offered the Havan and prayers in 203 yagya. 77068 men and 32268 women from 1664 places participated. 327 Saints and 191 social activists addressed the programs. As a result karyakarta teams have been formed in all districts for the Samarasdta gatividhi.

Chittod – Vistarak campaign for rural work

Special efforts were taken to improve the participation of farmers in rural Sangh work. Traning shibirs were organized for the Karyakartas in which plans were discussed for the various social segments like farmers, self employed persons, women, youth and for village development. 1665 Karyakartas for rural ares participated in the shibirs from 633 villages of 22 districts. 332 farmer karyakartas from 16 districts worked as Vistaraks for 7 days at new places. As a result 48 Shakhas and 53 Saptahik Milans of farmers have started in 11 districts. Total 4417 Vistaraks worked in Vistarak campaign in 2018 out of which 1018 were potential future workers.

All those Vistaraks were sent in 287 mandals to 498 new places, 627 places where Shakhas were not active and at 895 places to reinforce the Shakha work. Vistaraks were also sent in 456 places situated on the main roads under the ‘Mukhya Marg’ scheme and in 374 Sewa bastis of various nagar. As compared to last year the number of Vistaraks increased by 600.

Jodhpur – route march and ‘jagrut hindu Maha Sangam’

On Varsh Pratipada 2018 district ‘Maha Sangam’ was organized in jaisalmer district which turned out to be the biggest program in Prant. Families of the martyrs were honoured in this program in the presence of Ex defence personnel G. D. Bakshi as chief guest. Total 12570 people representing all mandals and 370 out of 426 villages attended the program.

Delhi – Bal Sangam
In November 2018 ‘Bal Sangam’ were organized in 29 districts of delhi. 5404 Bal and 104 Kishor Swayamsevaks from 5th to 10th class attended the programs. They were selected from a total 11500 Swayamsevaks. As a follow up, 2746 Swayamsevaks have been selected to attend the Prathamik Shiksha Varg. The plan to involve the parents of the Swayamsevaks in Sewa Karya is being made.

Bharat of future dialogue

In the ‘Vigyan Bhavan’ a three day dialogue with P. P. Sarsanghachalak was arranged by the Sampark Vibhag of delhi. 3000 dignitaries from various walks of life in 30 categories like literature, art, science, social activists, media, bureaucrats, defense personnel were invited. Along with common program, informal discussions were held with select invitees before and after the main speech. The packed hall before the scheduled time, the number of attendees who were present for all three days were the highlights of the success of the program. For the Question and answer session, 300 questions were received, which were classified in 23 groups and answered by P.P. Sarsanghachalak.

The attendance of a range of people from neutral to known opponents and from Padma puraskar honoured dignitaries to luminaries of sports, industry and other fields was notable.

The feedback of almost all the attendees was positive. Special comments are

· Perhaps Vigyan Bhavan experienced such a transparent, open and clear dialogue for the first time.
· For the nation to progress, much work is needed in the field of general education and value education. Sangh is doing this basic work.
· It is a pleasant experience to meet a person who is leading the movement for national resurgence through man making by means of inculcating social and ethical values in the society.
· All media and film industry should take the work to spread these thoughts among people.
‘Bharat of future’ has turned out to be a notable event. It has been greatly successful in creating right image of Sangh in the opinion makers of society at large.

Udisa Paschim – Akhand Prahar Mahakumbh

For the last few years Prahar Yagya program is being organized at Akhil Bharatiya level. This year in Udisa Prant it was specially organized as ‘Akhand Prahar mahakumbh’. In 24 Hours 261 Swayamsevaks made 3.50 lakh Prahars. A 1.5 km long procession was also organized which culminated in the Bhajan Sandhya in front of Bharat Mata temple and ‘Hanuman Dhwaj’ of 50 feet.

Dakshin bang – Sharirik programs at Khand level

To strengthen the Khand – Nagar unit and to make the karyakartas more active it was planned to have a program throughout the Prant at Khand level on a single day. A day before the program route marches were held in all Nagar and Khand. 9610 Swayamsevaks participated in the route march at 176 places. There were total 1741 Ghosh Vadaks. In spite of very adverse stance by the administration and preventive actions on many Karyarkartas the route marches were successful. On 20 January 2019 preplanned common Sharirik demonstrations were held in all Khand and Nagar. 989 Mandal and 685 Bastis were represented in the programs held in 247 Khand and 142 Nagars. As a follow up Bharat mata Pujan program was organized at 3467 places.

Haryana – mandal wise Ekatrikaran on a single day in Prant

496 Mandals out of total 843 have shakhas in Haryana Prant. The plan was to have an Ekatrikaran in all Mandals. In 456 Shakhayukta mandals Ekatrikarans were organized. In 9 districts and in 35 Khand all Mandals had Ekatrikarans.

Mukhya Shikshak Shibir – a 3 day Shibir was organized for the Shakha teams. Quality shakha team, varshikotsav and initittive at Shakha level programs were the ccriteria for attending the shibir. 767 karyakartas from 471 Shakhas attended the shibir. National flag hoisting ceremony was held as part of the shibir on26 January.

Mahakoshal – Bal Path Sanchalan

On 12 january 2019 on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti route marches of bal Swayamsevaks were organized at district and nagar level. 2063 Bal Swayamsevaks from 35 nagar and 22 districts attended the programs. On 26 January Ghosh route marches were held at 31 places in which 839 Ghosh vadak participated. At 8 place a public Ghosh was played in public programs to honour the national flag.

Jammu Kashmir

‘Purmandal’ is a holy place on the banks of Devika river, 40 km away from Jammu. Once a center of Sanskrit learning, over a period of time this place had become a largely ignored and neglected place in spite of ancient temples and beautiful Dharma Shalas. To revive its importance a trust has been formed and activities like health camps, tree plantation have started. Village committees have been formed in the surrounding 30 villages.

As part of my tour program a big Yagya was organized at the place. Various initiatives for the village development are being launched.

The border areas of Jammu region suffer from indiscriminate firings across the border. As a consequence the people suffer from migration, disruption in education and health services and a general feeling of insecurity. Efforts have been launched to address these issues. As a primary step 457 villages out of total 701 were surveyed. A core committee has been formed with the help of various like-minded organizations. As a part of Sarkaryavah tour a baithak of karyakartas working on these issues was arranged. 90 karyakartas attended the baithak. Schools. Hostels, single teacher schools, health centers, a drive for self sufficiency etc initiatives have been launched in 360 villages.


A Mallakhamb training cmap was organized by the Sharirik Vibhag in which 140 Bal Swayamsevaks from 6th to 8th standard were trained. After the training regular malkhab has started in 8 vidyarthi shakhas. A regular competition is also being held at various levels.

As a part of Sarsanghachalak tour a family get together ‘pariwar Sammelan’ was held. From a prepared list of invitees, it was attended by 1218 people.


Shakha Varshikotsav – ‘annual day’ program was celebrated at shskha level. 1275 Shakhas out of total 2646 Shakhas organized the event. Total 32000 Swayamsevaks and 847000 citizens attended the programs at various places.

Upakramshil Shakha toli Prashikshan – in Gaziabad vibhag, training camp was organized for the teams of active Shakas. Sah-Sarkaryavah Dr. Krishnagopal guided the camp. The Shakhas were expected to do minimum one program at shakha level before coming to the camp. 235 Shakhas had fufilled the criteria. A quiz was held based on the book ‘Main Ek Sadharan Swayamsevak’. Total 1396 Karyakartas were present, 805 from Shakha team and 541 other.

‘Sankalp Shibir’ was organized for the Pravasi karyakartas between the age range 18-45. Total 2228 karyakartas participated in the Shibir attended by P.P. Sarsahghachalak.


Birs Naad Ghosh Shibir – Ghos shibir was organized at Bokaro in the period 29 November to 2 December 2018. 365 Ghosh Vadaks from 76 places participated in the shibir attended by Akhil Bharatiya Sha-Sharirik Pramukh Shri. Jagadish Prasad.

Uttar Bang

Ramnavami Shobha Yatra – In spite of heavy obstacles at Government and administrative level, Ramnavami was celebrated by grand processions at 32 places. A total 5.3 lakh people participated in the processions including 1.5 lakh women, 600 saints and 11500 bike riders. It is notable that even as the W. Bengal Governments anti Hindu policies continue, people responded in large numbers.

Uttar Assam

For the last two years a route march is being organized at district level on a single day throughout the Prant. This year there was an ongoing agitation against the NRC act. In spite of the unrest, 8099 Swayamsevaks attended the route march held in 30 districts.

Women meets were organized at Basti level in the Prant. In one such Sammelan at Guwahati organized in the Sarkaryavah tour, 3157 women from 152 bastis participated. On 26 January 2019 national flag hoisting ceremony was also held. An exhibition dedicated to the subjects like Bharatiya culture, brave women warriors was displayed on the occasion.

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