Martyrs’ Day, March 23: some facts about Bhagat Singh, Rajguru Sukh Dev

Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar: 

• for a long time, Leftists Historains are trying to band Bhagat Singh as communist 

• but truth is that people who influenced Bhagat Singh most were Lala Lajpat Rain who was an Arya Samaj and Veer Savarkar who was are staunch supporter of Hindutva thoughts. 

• Bhagat Singh himself published and distributed the copies of the book written by Veer Savarkar ‘The Freedom Struggle of 1857’ among the freedom fighters and the youth. Bhagat Singh himself went to Ratnagiri and men Veer Savarkar to seek permission to print the book. 

Bhagat Singh and Arya Samaj 

· Arya Samaj had a special relation with the life of Bhagat Singh. The founder of Arya samaj Rishi Dayanand was born in Gujrat. His name was Mool chand. When he offered his life for the service to the Nation and the society after he became sanyasi, he adopted the name as Dayanand. He toured the entire country. In Bengal he met Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans and Keshav Chand and from there he went to Punjab. Bhagat Singh’s niece Vierndra Sandhu wrote “Sardar Arjun Singh (Grand Father of Bhagat Singh) met Swami Dayanand and influenced by him. After listening his speech, he joined the Nav Jagarn Sena and became Arya Samaji. Skh Educational institutions were controlled by The Kings and the LandLords so he got is elder son Kishan Singh admitted in Saidas Anglo Sanskrit High School in Jalandhar and he himself started living there and worked as an assistant of Rayajada Bhagat Ram. The way of service to the nation and the society shown by Grand Father of Bhagat Singh was followed by his father Kishan singh also. It was in 1998, Barar(Vidarbh) was suffering with Famine and epidemic . Kishan Singh was then 20 years old. Arya Samaj formed Barar Relief Committee and Kishan Singh was given the responsibility to collect and distribute the relief material to the affected people of Barar efficiently, till the famine gets over. After two years i.e. in 1900 similar famine when attacked Gujarat, Kishan Singh opened a relief camp in Ahmedabad. In 1904 Kishan Singh was elected the secretary to the Relief Committee formed to the rescue and refief work for the Earthquake struck Kangara. In 1905 When Kashmir was crying for help due to the devastating floods in the river Jhelum, Kishan Singh reached there and started the relief work. (Bhagat Singh – a vivid History (life and thoughts) Writer Hansraj Rahabar, Edition 2018, Publisher – bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Distributors; Sakshi Prakashan. Page 21,22,27. 

Hindu Observance of Bhagat Singh: 

· Both the grandson of Arjun Singh _Jagat Singh and Bahgat Singh done the Yagnopavit Sanskar (Sacred Thread) and also raised hairs. As per Hindu Tradition Mundan Sanskar was to bbe performed for that a barber was also called but his first wife Srimati Jaikaur had a leaning towards Sikh Panth for that she had a natural religious sentiments attachéd to the hairs. She urged to her husband to do whatever he wants but not to cut the hairs of the children for which he consented. He said, “OK leave it, the faith matters more”. At the time of Yagyopavit Ceremony, Bhagat Singh’s father Kishan Singh was in jail for his freedom fight and the service to the nation. His grandfather Arjun Singh held both his grandsons in his both hands took an oath ““I, in the witness of the Fire Pyre dedicate my descendants both grandson to the service to the Nation”. A few days later to this Jagat Singh suffered from fever, which became Typhoid and could not be saved. Arjun singh was so disappointed with the incident that he quit the work as a Hakeem (Unanu doctor).. {Bhagat Singh – a vivid History (life and thoughts) Writer Hansraj Rahabar, Edition 2018, Publisher – bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Distributors; Sakshi Prakashan. Page 24,25,26.} 

The Hanging of Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and Rajguru 

The verdict came on 7th Oct. 1930. This verdict was spread in 283 pages. The following accused were sentenced as follows: - 

Œ Hanging – 1) Bhagat Singh, 2) Sukhdev, 3) Rajguru 

Life Imrisonment – (1) Kishorilal, (2) Mahavir Singh (who martyred of hunger strikefor 9 days in Andaman jail, (3) Vijay Kumar sinha, (4) Shiv Varma, (5) Gaya Prasad, (6) jaidev Kapoor, (7) Kamalnath Tiwari. 

Rigorous Imprisonment – (1) Kundanlal- 7years, (2) Premdutt – 5 years 

Ajai Ghosh, Surendranath Pandey and Jitendra Nath Sanyal were freed. The Accused boycotted the Court; therefore, the judgment was delivered in Lahore /central jail. 

Public Prosecutor said to Bhagat Singh that Sardar Bhagat Singh I feel very sorry for awarding death sentence to you by the court. Bhagat Singh replied “there is nothing to feel sorry, I had this news earlier”. Public prosecutor again said – “Bhagat Singh you are brave, I praise your courage. But at this young age it is not fair to have given such a punishment. You would have become a great leader of this country.” Bhagat Singh again replied- “it is good to have embraced death at this age, I remember the verses of our great saint Kabir, which means: - 

The death which scares the world, gives pleasure to my soul 
One can enjoy complete Ecstasy, only in death. 

23rd March 1931 at 7 pm in Central jail, Lahore he was Hanged. Other prisoners were counted and closed in the barracks and the cells. When they were brought out for hanging, drapped in black attire, Bhagat Singh was in middle and to his right was Rajguru and in left was Sukhdev. Bhagat Singh held their hands in his right with Rajguru and left hand with Sukh dev and shouted slogan of ‘Inklab Jindabad’ and Imperialism Murdabad and chanted the song in one voice: - 

The love from my heart to my motherland will not die with my death. 
The fragrance my country will emit from my aces. 

Shivram Hari Rajguru 

Sacrificing life on the altar of motherland alongwith Shahid e Ajam Bhagat Singh was Rajguru, his full name was Shivram hari Rajguru. He was born on 24th August 1908 in Kheda Gaon in pune Dist. Of Maharashtra. His life was full of struggle since the beginning at the age of 6 years his father expired. Elder brother Dinakar Hari Rajguru only brought him up. He faced extreme poverty in his childhood. At the age of 15 he left home and came to Varanasi. He studied Sanskrit living in very difficult situation. In this period, he camr into contacr of freedom fighters and went to Lahore, where he started working with Revolutionary front of Bhagat singh, Bhagavati Charan and Sukhdev. 

He was assingned to join the ploy along with Shiv Varma to shoot and kill one of the traitors living in Delhi, in the beginning to prove his sincerety. 

After the Murder of Lala Lajpat Rai in a Lathi Charge and Saunders killing made Chandra Shekhar and Bhagat Singh to think to include him in the decision of ploy to punish with death to the murderer Scott in Lahore. Ajad argued that Rajguru is courageous as well as intelligent. (source: Pathey Kan) 

Man love Progress and progress comes from freedom 

Delighted revolutionary Sukhdev 

Sukhdev was born in Naughara village of Ludhiaya dist. Of Punjab. His father Ramlal Thapar belonged to a famous Political and social family. For his carelessness his friends used to call him a villager and he was like that. He will do anything comes to his mind without thinking of consequences. He read somewhere that anybody can be tamed by punching on his nose y. he went out to prove this. On the way he saw a man with stout body and without thinking of the aftermath he punched on his nose, the man became unconscious for same moment, when he came o his sense he started beating Sukhdev left and right but Sukhdev did not resist him. Passersby came to his rescue, but he stood unperturbed. When people asked him why he did tis and why he is not retaliating now and why he did not run away when the man was unconscious? He coolly said I just wanted to test that how long a man remains unconscious after my punch on his nose. After Saunders killing Sukhdev rescued Bhagat Singh and Rajguru safely and he himself ran away to Kanpur dodging the police. From Kanpur he went to Agra. Where he met Bhagat Singh again. They took training of Bomb making from Yatindra nath das. Sukhdev took on rent the Kashmir Building in Kila Gujar Singh in Lahore and started Bomb making factory. 

In jail also Sukhdev lived a jolly life. At last on 7th Oct. 1930 the judgment of hanging of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru was pronounced. When people started agitating against the verdict, Sukhdev sent message that their hanging will be more fruitful to the nation than the changing of their sentence. 

23rd March 1931 was the day when Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru brought to the gallows, Sukhdev in lighter mood Chanted Bhagat Singh Jindabad, Rajguru Jindabad along with ‘Inqlab Jindabad’. They saw the noose kissed it and put their neck themselves and Marched ahead on the way to supreme sacrifice. (source Pathey kan by Lalit Mohan Sharma) 

Quotes by Bhagat Singh: 

” Life is lived on its own…other’s shoulders are used only 

at the time of funeral.” 

“My religion is the service to my Motherland.” - Bhagat Singh 

“People sometimes term the patriots a Crazy.” - Bhagat Singh 

“A person can be eliminated but his thoughts cannot. Great Dynasties are ruined but thoughts remain.” – Bhagat Singh

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