Know Pakistan Occupied Jammu Kashmir Facts

1. 1) Let us know about China occupied Jammu and Kashmir that is equivalent to the state of Haryana. #POJKFacts 

2. 2) #POJKFacts No Azadi in Azad Jammu and Kashmir: A territory illegally occupied by Pakistan 

3. 3) #POJKFacts How Pakistan is looting Gilgit-Baltistan: An illegally occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir 

4. 4) Know More About Gilgit-Baltistan( #POJKFacts ) | Alok Kumar 

5. 5) पाकिस्तानियों ने एक दिन में मार डाला 18 हजार हिंदुओं को। #POJKFacts 

6. 6) जब पाकिस्तानी सेना ने 35 हज़ार हिन्दूओं का कत्लेआम किया और नेहरू ने आँखें फेर ली। #POJKFacts 

8. 7) Pakistan to make Gilgit-Baltistan (POJK) its 5th Province. #POJKFacts 

9. 8) Gilgit- Baltistan - Real issue of Jammu Kashmir. #POJKFacts 

10. 9) कैसी थी आजादी के बाद, जम्मू कश्मीर की पहली दीवाली..? #POJKFacts 

11. #POJKFacts POJK stands for Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir i.e. Mirpur, Muzzafarabad, Gilgit and Baltistan. 

12. Azad Jammu Kashmir is a fraudulent term used by Pakistan to fool the whole world. 

13. As per Accession of Jammu & Kashmir, the entire State including POJK and COJK are part of Jammu & Kashmir #POJKfacts 

14. #Pojkfacts Historically, Tibet and China had no border dispute over J&K State on the North Western border of India till 1947 

15. #Pojkfacts In 1842, Treaty of Chushul was signed by J&K, Tibet and China. 

6. #POJKfacts J&K British India was comprised of provinces directly administered by the Viceroy of India (constituted 60% of the total area of India). #POJKfacts 

7. #POJKfacts There were 562 Princely states of which 327 were petty states. All of these were collectively designated as "Indian States”. J&K was also on such princely state. 

8. For Princely States British looked after defence, foreign policy and communications and they allowed governance in internal matters such as law & order, civil liberties, health, education & economic development. The State of Jammu & Kashmir was one of them. #POJKfacts 

9. #POJKfacts J&K On 20/2/1947, His Majesty's Government announced that independence would be given to British India. 

10. At a meeting held on 25/7/1947 Mountbatten advised the princes that they should accede to one of the two dominions, keeping in mind the ‘geographical contiguity of their States’. #POJKfacts 

11. #POJKfacts In 1947 Hari Singh of Dogra Dynasty was the Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir and his title was Shriman Indar Mah&er Rajrajeshwar Maharajahiraj Shri Hari Singh Ji Jammu & Kashmir Naresh Tatha Tibet adi Deshadhipathi. 

12. There was no dead line for executing the Instrument of Accession after Independence. #POJKfacts 

13. On 26th Oc2ber 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh signed an unconditional Instrument of Accession with India. #POJKfacts 

14. Draft of the Instrument of Accession was same as signed by Princes, before independence, for accession. #POJKfacts 

15. There was no pre-condition attached to the IOA signed by Maharaja Hari Singh. #POJKfacts 

16. Accession of State J&K to India was full, final, legitimate and valid because it was executed by the ruler that was the only recognized authority under Indian Independence Act 1947. #POJKfacts 

17. Instrument of Accession was ratified by Constituent Assembly of J&K on 6th Feb. 1954. #POJKfacts 

18. Once IOA was ratified by CA of J&K then it is incorrect to call it incomplete. #POJKfacts 

19. Uniform standard of Instrument of Accession was prepared for all the states as per white paper issued by Ministry of States in 1948 and 1950. #POJKfacts 

20. Schedule 1 of Constitution of India mentions J&K as 15th State. #POJKfacts 

21. Read schedule 1 of Constitution of India, If you want to know the Constitutional status of J&K. #POJKfacts 

22. #POJKfacts 1842 Treaty of Chushul has separate signatures of J&K Maharajah with Tibet, Tibet with China and China with J&K State. 

23. #POJKfacts In 1684 there was a treaty between Tibet and Ladakh when their boundaries were laid. 

24. Distance between Gilgit to Iran is 1000 Km by road, which is around the same distance as between Gilgit & Delhi #POJKfacts 

25. #POJKfacts Distance between Gilgit to Russia ( capital Moscow) is 3500 Km, that distance is just 300 Km more if you travel from Gilgit to Chennai in south India by road. 

26. #POJKfacts London is 5952 Kms away by road route from Gilgit. 

27. #POJKfacts Gilgit is an extremely important middle point connecting many regions of Asia, Europe & even Africa by road. 

28. #POJKfacts Read more on POJK here: -

29. #POJKfacts Air or water travel cannot replace the benefit of rail or road. That’s why even Britain proposed a bus from London to Mirpur (in PoJK) with a travel time of 7 days. 

30. #POJKfacts India has lost road route to central Asia, China, West Asia & then to Europe or Africa by losing Gilgit to Pakistan. 

31. #POJKfacts Gilgit was a part of Indian confederation of states for 1000s of years, particularly during the famous Silk route era. 

32. #POJKfacts Gilgit part of J&K, now illegally occupied by Pakistan, is very essentially for India, its economic ambitions & defence. 

33. #POJKfacts In Indian history many major invasions on India took place from Gilgit region bordering Afghanistan. 

34. #POJKfacts In Asia, Tibet & Gilgit-Baltistan areas control most of the fresh water supply. 

35. #POJKfacts Out of the 10 tallest peaks in India, 8 lies in Gilgit Baltistan that was illegally occupied by Pakistan. 

36. #POJKfacts The world famous K2 Himalayan peak, the world’s second tallest, is in Baltistan. 

37. #POJKfacts Gilgit has some of the world’s largest Gold deposits. Not surprisingly, China has taken all the mining rights for those areas from Pakistan now. 

38. #POJKfacts For energy security, we could lay a pipeline from Tajakistan, under the TAPI Project (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI). India wants to lay a gas pipeline, but Pakistan has been continuously in denial mode in permitting India to do it. 

39. #POJKfacts The beautiful Shaksgam valley is a northern part of J&K, adjacent to the Siachen Glacier. 

40. #POJKfacts The beautiful Shaksgam valley is right next to the world’s second tallest mountain peak, the K2. 

41. #POJKfacts Shaksgam valley was illegally occupied by Pakistan along with Gilgit-Baltistan areas since 1947. 

42. #POJKfacts In 1963, Pakistan simply “gave away” The beautiful Shaksgam valley- part of India, to China, for other benefits. This giving away of Shaksgam valley to China was totally illegal. 

43   #POJKfacts Watch this video to understand more about this topic:-

44   #POJKfacts The words used in the 1963 treaty when Shaksgam Valley was given to China by Pakistan -“This is a treaty between China and Pakistan, for the part of the state of J&K, contiguous to Xinjiang of China, presently in the control of Pakistan”. This whole treaty is illegal as the state of J&K neither belongs to China, nor to Pakistan. Even the treaty does not claim that the area being referred to, was a part of Pakistan. This clearly exposes the illegal nature of the treaty. 

45. #POJKfacts Government of India registered protest against ceding of Shaksgam Valley but it never voiced it loudly to create pressure internally and internationally. 

46. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan is geo-strategically extremely important for India, are illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947. Historically, many central Asian invasions to India have come through these areas. 

47. #POJKfacts Gilgit part of J&K must be in India’s control. The Hindu Kush Mountains between the Khyber Pass & Gilgit should be used as a natural border to avoid any further central or West Asian invasion. 

48. #POJKfacts The northern area of J&K state, had borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan (close enough), China (Xinjiang) & Tibet (now China occupied). With this one region, India could have border even today with three nations practically, plus Tajikistan of erstwhile Soviet Union only being 25 KM away. 

49. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan is an important connecting link of the ancient silk route, for hundred and thousands of years , due to this important trade route, India had consistently used and could had 25-30% of the World’s GDP. 

50. #POJKfacts India was the world’s largest economic power then! Gilgit Baltistan is the trade meeting point of west Asia, Central Asia, Bharat, China and South East Asia. 

51. #POJKfacts Dispute with Pakistan in J&K is perceived by the International Community as a Territorial Dispute. 

52. #POJKfacts Total Area of the territory under Pakistani occupation is approximately 78,114 Sq Km (13,297+ 64817) approx 

53. #POJKfacts The region has a total population of 50,72,747 (3,631,224 +1441523) 

54. #POJKfacts The LoC is demarcated and delineated except beyond NJ9842 (Glacier Region) 

55. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) is less than 15% of total territory 

56. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) have more than 70% of total territorial population 

57. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) has an external facade of independence 

58. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) have large number of terrorist camps. 

59. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) have J&K State Subject Rule still in Force 

60. #POJKfacts Population grew by 22% between 1998 and 2011 in Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK). 2017 Census Report not made public 

61. #POJKfacts In Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) large tracts of land was flooded by Mangla Dam and large population was uprooted. 

62. #POJKfacts In Mirpur-Muzaffarabad (so called AJK) opposition to Pakistani occupation by the locals has been muted. 

63. #POJKfacts It is Mirpur-Muzaffarabad and not AJK. 

64. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad called Azad Jammu Kashmir by Pakistan. No official term by Govt of India 

65. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad was Divided into three Divisions Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot & Mirpur 

66. #POJKfacts Muzaffarabad Division of Mirpur-Muzaffarabad comprises of Muzaffarabad Hattian and Neelum Districts of Kashmir 

67. #POJKfacts Pooch Division of Mirpur-Muzaffarabad comprises of Bagh, Poonch, Haveli and Sudhnuti districts of Jammu 

68. #POJKfacts Mirpur Division of Mirpur-Muzaffarabad comprises of Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber of Jammu 

69. #POJKfacts Legally Pakistanis cannot become citizens of Mirpur-Muzaffarabad 

70. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad have modicum of Independence, own PM and President 

71. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad have 41 directly elected and 8 indirectly elected members in Assembly 

72. #POJKfacts In Mirpur-Muzaffarabad, 6 seats each (12) out of 41 are kept for people from J&K settled outside 

73. #POJKfacts In Mirpur-Muzaffarabad out of 8 indirectly elected seats, 5 are for ladies, 1 each for Ulema, people overseas and Technocrats 

74. #POJKfacts Mirpur-Muzaffarabad has its own higher judiciary 

75. #POJKfacts Govt in Mirpur-Muzaffarabad generally changes with change in Islamabad 

76. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan comprises of more than 85% of territory under illegal occupation of Pakistan 

77. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan has less than 30% of the total population 

78. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan has been treated as a colony, has no constitutional status. Till recently, the citizens enjoyed no democratic rights 

79. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan region has a rich pre-Islamic culture and enormous linguistic and cultural diversity 

80. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan ,TTP is making its presence felt, LeT was encouraged during Kargil War, Presently Sectarian outfits are active. 

81. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan ,State Subject Rule revoked by ZA Bhutto 

82. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan Large-scale migration of Pakhtoons & Punjabis into the Region affected the demography 

83. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan Population grew by 63 % between 1998 & 2011. 2017 Census Report not declared 

84. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan Bhasha Dam being constructed on Indus River will flood large area to provide water and power supply to Pakistan 

85. #POJKfacts In Gilgit-Baltistan, extensive resentment against Pakistan 

86. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan, strategically the most significant part of J&K 

87. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan,connects Pakistan to China 

88. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan provides access to Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Central Asia 

89. #POJKfacts Bulk of Pakistan’s Fresh Water Resources emanate from Gilgit-Baltistan 

90. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan is rich in Mineral Resources 

91. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan has enormous Tourism potential 

92. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan has immense Hydro Power Potential 

93. #POJKfacts Gilgit-Baltistan ethnically inhabited by people speaking Dardic Languages of Indo-Aryan and Iranian Origin. 

94. #POJKfacts Languages spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan are Shina, Domaaki, Kohistani, Khowar (spoken in Chitral), Wakhi (spoken in parts of Afghanistan, Xinjiang & Tajikistan), Burushaski, Balti (Tibetan Group) spoken in Baltistan by people of Tibet-Mongoloid Stock 

95. #POJKfacts Factors showing that Gilgit Baltistan is part of J&K 

96. #POJKfacts In the Census of India, 1911, Volume XX, Part I, Report on Kashmir Administrative Set up as divided at the relevant time was described at Page 6, the province of Jammu comprised of: 

i. Jammu, ii Jasrota, iii Udhampur, iv. Reasi and v. Mirpur Districts 

97. #POJKfacts In the Census of India, 1911, Volume XX, Part I, Report on Kashmir Administrative Set up as divided at the relevant time was described at Page 6, the province of Jammu comprised of: Kashmir Province was comprised of : 

98. i.Kashmir north ii. Kashmir South iii. Muzzafarabad 

99. #POJKfacts The internal Jagirs & dependencies were described as;i. Poonch ii. Bhadarwah iii. Chenani 

100. #POJKfacts The Frontier districts comprised of: i. Ladakh ii. Gilgit 

101. #POJKfacts In Frontier illaquas , petty chiefships in feudatory relations with the State were described as : 

i. Ishkoman 
ii. Yasin ( with Kuh & Ghizar) 
iii. Hunza 
iv. Nagar; & 
v. Chilas 

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