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A Chennai Kids’ Choir Takes Our Culture To The World Stage 
“Our kids should sing in unison the compositions of Subramanya Bharati, Namakkal Kavignar and Adi Shankara in front of international audiences. We can take our culture across oceans this way”, says Rajarajeshwari of Mandaveli Chennai, and adds that it is her passion. Children from the neighborhood receive rigorous training even during summer holidays so that the choir performance attains perfection. Parents cooperate greaty, says Rajarajeshwari. Virtually they all became one family, she muses. Her Kamala Music School Children’s Choir group has been going places (Singapore and Vietnam for instance). As she does it all as a service, parents bore major part of travel expenses abroad. Now the Choir has been invited to participate in the Serenade Choral Festival to be held in Washington, D.C. in July 2019. The team consists of 23 children is now learning in various genres, including folk, patriotic and sacred music. Children aged between 8 and 14 form the group. The festival theme is ‘The Human Journey: Music, Migration and Identity’. Kids learn songs on themes: national integration, sympathy towards animals, a woman’s journey in life, etc. Songs on Mahatma Gandhi to mark his 125th birth anniversary too forms part of their performance. They are seeking funds through a fundraiser website and looking out for sponsorship. 

Jihadi Violence Hits A Law Less Tamilnadu 
The effective kick delivered by a handless Ramalingam, 48, on his Jihadi attackers could save his 17 year old son Shyam Sundar who accompanied him on that fateful night, but he had to succumb to the deadly sword cuts. His hands had just been chopped off for the crime of objecting to a group of Islamic proseytisers the day before. This happened not in any Islamic land, but in Tirubhuvanam, off Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district on February 5. The stark truth that faces Tamilnadu is that Ramalingam joins the 140 plus Balidanis in a couple of decades who fell to similar Jihadi fanaticism. He was not a Swayamsewak or a worker of BJP or Hindu Munnani, and so, pseudo secular leaders and left-packed media - both print and visual - were denied the opportunity to deliver typical sermons on “combating communalism”. Dr S. Ramdas, founder of PMK, did not mince words when he said, “Ramalingam was murdered because he objected to a conversion bid. I oppose such religious fanaticism”. The reason for rampant conversion bids is this: There is no law to ban conversion in the state and proseytisers are having a field day, gnawing at vulnerable sections of Hindu society as was the case in Tirubhuvanam. BJP national secretary H Raja visited the deceased’s house and consoled the family members, particularly Ramalingam’s son. State BJP chief Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan pointed out, “Ramalingam was killed the next day he prevented religious conversion.. the culprits should be punished.” Kumbakonam observed a total bandh to protest against the Jihadi murder. 

Evangelist Mischief Nipped In The Bud 
An evangelist mischief could be nipped in the bud. Recently, a seminar was announced at Vadavalli off Coimbatore on theme ‘Christ as revered by Saint Gnanasambandar in Saivism’, ‘Incarnation of jesus as explained in Vaishnavism’, ‘Trinity as explained in Thirukkural’... Once the invite was floated in social media, Hindu Munnani cadres sprung to action. They gave a petition to the district collector to ban this convention. Protests erupted in social media. Also, this program with notorious intentions was condemned first by Sri Marudachala Adigalar of Perur Aadheenam and many hereditary mutts. All India Sadhus Association also registered their condemnation. Following these protests from many streams, the event was cancelled.

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