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Jai ho Captain!
The Indian Langadi team has first won the Asian Cup under the captainship of Deva Sitham, a software Engineer with TCS and hails from Ramanathapuram. He was recently invited to receive the Dalit Acheiver award in SRM University. Self professed Dalit leader Thol.Thirmumavalavan was in the chair. Before accepting the award Deva Sitham burst forth: "I have never identified myself with caste. I would accept this award if given as token of appreciation for my Indian team captaincy or as a young acheiver. I am first an Indian, a farmer and a Tamilan. A farmer from Marudham segment of land devoted to agriculture. It is no way inferior in caste hierarchy . So please change the award tag as "young Indian Acheiver" and I shall accept it. I respect Thol.Thirumavalavan but would definitely accept the award if the tag changes". The committee then reworded the award as "Indian team capitancy award” and it was accepted by Deva Sitham. Jai ho Captain, for putting all and sundry wiser with your words: “an achiever rises above casteism and sectarianism. You are indeed a role model in a society where people often play caste victim card to hide their shortcomings or even crimes.

Media Mum even As PFI goons Hasck Hindu Businessman
Scene One: Monday, February 4. A video clip showing V Ramalingam, 48, of Thoondil Vinayagampettai (who rents out utensils and shamiana for marriages) arguing with a few Muslims at Packiyanathan Thoppu goes viral on social media. In the clip, he was also seen smearing holy ash (Vibhuti) on one of the youth and taking his skull cap and wearing it himself. Scene Two: Tuesday February 5. Ramalingam is returning home from from his shop at the Thirubhuvanam Bazaar accompanied by his teen aged son. A car-borne gang blocks their van in a locality dominated by minorities and hacks him. Ramalingam is taken to Kumbakonam GH and later to Thanjavur Medical college hospital where he is declared brought dead. Scene Three: Police say the group seen in the video belongs to Popular Front of India. Scene Four: Media, as usual, paints the entire gory incident as “Murder Of PMK Man Sparks Tension” and “PMK Man Hacked To Death”. Scene Five: PMK founder Dr. S.Ramadoss put it in plain words: Ramalingam was hacked to death after he allegely opposed religious conversions. Scene seven: Hindu organizations stage road roko at Thirubhuvanam Bazaar to condemn the murder of Ramalingam. They demand immediate arrest of all conspirators, even as a heavy posse of police personnel including DIG J Loganathan (Thanjavur range) camps in the town.

Healthy Impacts Of The HSSF In The Decade That Was

‘Our organisation is not Hindu, ours is spiritual’… Ours is not Hindu it is a service organisation’… Ours is not Hindu, ours is caste welfare organisation’… These were the protestations one came across when one named something as Hindu organization. That was the situation prevailing a decade back. Today, thanks to the annual Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, hundreds of organisations with spiritual / religious / service / caste adjectives have come out in the open and declared themselves as Hindu. The respectability for the Hindu identity is a result of the HSSF bringing all spritual and service organisations under the umbrella of the fair with an unmistakable Hindu stamp. That is HSSF impact I. The very utterance of the word ‘caste’ used to be looked upon with feigned contempt; ‘casteless’ used to be glorified; caste was the trump card to net reservations in jobs; when HSSF roped in over 38 caste groups to put up stalls in the fair that concluded on February 4 in Chennai, ‘caste’ assumed an altogether unnoticed dimension in social life; in addition to showcasing their educational and medical service activities, caste groups proudly displayed something new: a caste group revelled in promoting sports as its social activity; another caste group is found saving its language from extinction; yet another is bent upon perpetuating hoary temple traditions, so on and so forth. That is HSSF impact II. The HSSF in the last decade has effectively overturned the perspective that only Christian missionaries are there in the educational / social service field; the consolidation figures arrived at by the HSSF point to the colossal dimensions of educational, spiritual and service activities being rendered under the Hindu umbrella. One example is the number of sanyasis has been arrived at 1,88,000. Yes, so many dedicated full time spiritual activists are at the service of the Hindu society. That is HSSF impact III. It is heartening to note that similar HSSF impact is becoming visible in 10 more cities spread across Hindusthan.

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