We are against this; cops, CPI(M) behind the conspiracy, says Maoist woman’s brother

The policemen who posed as devotees accompanied two young Maoist women were SFI activists. One of them is identified as Shiju, a resident of Pariyaram in Kannur district. The women had earlier made an attempt which was aborted due to protest from devotees. Adv. Bindu and Kanakadurga who entered Sabarimala today were activists of the outlawed CPI(ML) Red Flag. The police led them through VIP route.

Meanwhile, Bharat Bhushan, the brother of Kanakadurga, said although he hails from a Communist family, he doesn’t approve of the violation of traditions in Sabarimala. He said the ‘conspiracy’ was hatched by Kottayam SP Harishankar and some police officials in collaboration with CPI(M) leaders.
The Thantri of the temple has done what he had declared earlier. That is, he closed the temple as temple traditions were violated. This is the first time in the history of the Sabarimala temple and it took place when thousands of devotees were queuing up for darshan. After the Shudhi rituals, the temple was reopened looking at the number of devotees.
The women, obviously accompanied by some men, were escorted by the police and taken to the temple through the northern entrance. Devotees traditionally enter the temple climbing the “Holy 18 steps” carrying the holy ‘irumudikkettu’. These anarchists had not complied with these conventions since their intention was to offer prayers. The men who accompanied them had photographed the women. And, they have released the visuals to social media. Bindu was heard asking the mufti policemen whether there was any evidence of violating the tradition. Then the policeman answered that he had visuals with him. It is the result of high-level conspiracy with the knowledge of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and other higher-ups. And, obviously, the policemen in Sannidhanam were kept in dark.
There are unconfirmed news reports that two more women accompanied the anarchists.
He told the media that they got a police escort. He says it is as per the Supreme Court verdict. There were attempts in the past but turned futile due to resistance. He says this time they have succeeded, perhaps due to the absence of opposition.
Hindu Aikya Vedi president KP Sasikala Teacher said, once the Thantri performs the Suddhi rituals, the devotees should take a decision. Devotees should throw away this government. Pinarayi should resign in the wake of this betrayal to Hindus.
Meanwhile, Sabarimala Karma Samithi on Wednesday announced it will organise a hartal to protest the betrayal of Hindu devotees.

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