One lakh Jacobite Christians join CPM Govt.’s ‘Women’s Wall’ against Sabarimala

When the CPM faces massive resistance from all sections of society, cutting across political and religious lines, over the proposed ‘Women’s Wall’ on January 01, that aimed at dividing the Hindu society on the basis of caste. On Sunday, the Jacobite Syrian Church, a prominent Christian church in Kerala, extended its support to the Women’s Wall, which will be organised by the Kerala Govt., aiming at resisting the unprecedented Hindu unity emerged in the state after the Sabarimala movement.

The Church’s decision came when all Hindu organisations including Pulaya Mahasabha led by Neelakandan Master, NSS, Yogakshema Sabha etc. stand up in arms against the ‘divisive wall’ sponsored by the CPM Govt. against the Sabarimala temple traditions. Political parties like BJP and BDJS are on the forefront to lead protests against the anti-Hindu policies and measures taken by the CPM govt. and the police brutality on the Ayyappa devotees. All major non-Communist political parties, including Congress, have already come up against the divisive agenda of the CPM and its allies. Calling it a ‘Communal wall’, the Congress heavily criticised the CPM over its attempts to divide the society on religious and caste lines. “It is an attempt to create a ‘communal human wall’ to divide society on caste and religious lines under the guise of a ‘women’s wall,” the party said.

The Jacobite Church’s decision to support the wall is a well-crafted political move as it desperately needs political support of the LDF government in the on-going Jacobite-Orthodox fight over the ownership of major churches including Kothamangalam Church and other properties in the state. The Malankara Orthodox faction is already in the fold of CPM and it supported the LDF during the previous assembly election. In the Church fiasco, the CPM govt. has taken a stand in favour of the Orthodox church. The government supported the Orthodox church, when the believers tried to enter the Kothamangalam and Piravom churches.

Jacobite Church’s former official spokesperson Fr Varghese Kallappara told media that the Jacobite Church has asked its followers to take part in the Women’s Wall. “We hope nearly one lakh Jacobite women will take part in the Women’s Wall. It is the policy of Jacobite Church to lend support to those who help us in crisis. That’s why we’ve taken a stance in favour of the LDF Govt. on the Women’s Wall’s issue,” he said.

The Jacobite Syrian Christian Church is an Oriental Orthodox Church based in Kerala with approximately 14 lakh followers, that pledges allegiance to the Orthodox Church of Antioch, Syria.

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