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Tamil People Demand Sanskrit In Curriculum

In the August presence of over 4,000 members of public, a resolution demanding state government to set up a Sanskrit department in every university in the state was passed. The occasion was the valedictory session on January 6, 2019, of the Dakshin Tamilnadu Samskrita Bharati’s state conference at Tiruchirapalli. The other demands included (a) adding Sanskrit as an optional subject in all the elementary and middle schools, (b) release of adequate funds from the classical languages development department to augment Sanskrit development and training projects (c) equip all public libraries in the state with ancient and contemporary Sanskrit publications and (d) the contribution of ancient Indian sages and seers to the field of science should be appropriately included in the School curriculum. Another remarkable demand made by Sanskrit Bharati was Sanskrit language teaching, teacher training, textbook creation, etc., should be supported by donations that devotees make in temples. Over 670 delegates from 18 districts out of the 21 in South Tamilnadu attended the conference. School children from 500 schools visited conference venue and benefited from the exhibition providing various aspects of Sanskrit knowledge. Union Minister of State for skill development, Anant Kumar Hegde, spoke at the concluding session extolling the scientific tradition Bharat. Revered aadheenams of Dharmapuram and Thiruvavaduthurai blessed the conference by their presence. Dinesh Kamath, all India organising Secretary of Sanskrit Bharati, deliberated at the conference.

A Madras High Court Verdict
Encroaching On Hindu Religious Fervour

Madras High Court on January 4, 2019, as noted by justice S M Subramaniam, was prompted to make the observation in case involving a plea to remove an unauthorized construction in the name of a Vinayaka Temple in Coimbatore. Such temples are being constructed to grab the land or for personal unlawful enrichment. The growing trend across the country is that, on public roads by causing inconvenience to the vehicular traffic and passers-by, for the movement of the people in the locality. Such temples in road sides are constructed without obtaining proper permission from the competent authorities will be deemed as, being constructed by way of an encroachment. Under these circumstances the temples, churches, mosques or any other religious institutions, if constructed by encroaching, will be dealt in accordance with law. Deity being a legal person cannot be allowed to encroach the public land with the help of few land mafias or some land grabbers”. This being the case, this would also mean that the religious sentiments of the people have been overlooked? Or is it right to presume that the customary practices have been superseded by law when it cannot?

Vilifyers Need A Dose Of Law Now And Then

Hindu hate speech and vilifying Hindu epics is not new to Tamilnadu. On January 5 former Finance Minister P.Chidambaram spoke about Ramayana in a meeting organized by Jamiat Ulama in Chennai. Yes, you heard it right. Read on. Chidamabaram went on: "I know a story called Ramayan which says Hanuman tore his chest and showed Ram. What is the size of his chest? Is it 52 Inches? Who in India has 52 Inches chest…?" In another meeting Suba Veerapandian of the anti Hindu brigade dubbed Mahabhartha as an erotic book. Those who read the Aadhi Parva will feel aroused, he said. Nobody should read the book, was his advice. K Veermani of DK for his part went on a flash back. He said only after breaking Ganesha Idols and slippering Lord Rama, DMK could win elections. Without an iota of guilt or fear of law, this kind of hate speech and blasphemy against Hindus is rampant in Tamilnadu, all the time hiding behind the veil of freedom of expression. It is high time to tighten laws against blasphemy. It is important for keeping the multi religious social fabric intact.

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