Tuticorin soil which brought fame to Patna

In 1935, an advocate from Patna was thinking as to how to meet a Tamilian who ran a Swadeshi Navigation company to challenge the British empire’s monopoly in shipping trade and sailed across from Tuticorin to Colombo. The advocate gets into action. Travels to Chennai by train and then to Tuticorin. There he meets with V O Chidambaram Pillai, who is inflicted with disease and bedridden. The advocate conveys his respects to V O C. The 51 year old Bihar advocate addressed a Congress rally in the evening at Tuticorin and spoke thus, “This is the land of a great person VOC. It is my privilege to stand here in this town. My patriotism rose multifold after meeting him”. The name of the Bihar advocate is Rajendra Prasad. Yes, it is the first President of Free India, the same Dr Rajendra Prasad. Today (December 3) is his birth Anniversary. #Respect

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