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Tamilnadu Youth Prove Their Mettle 

Nation needs protection. Men and women of the three Defence forces perform the duty ably. NCC, which operates under the Defence ministry, recruits and gives military training to students in high schools, colleges and universities all over the country. It is bad news that Congress president Rahul Gandhi does not have any idea about NCC (as revealed at a meeting in Mysuru in March 2018). NCC, in fact, is 'the second line of defence in India'. Anyhow we have good news from the youth of Tamilnadu. Read on: “The NCC Directorate of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andamans has struck gold by winning the championship trophy in the all-India Vayu Sainik competition held at Jodhpur. A total of 600 cadets from 16 directorates participated in the event. Interestingly, it is the second time in a row that the Directorate created history by winning the championship trophy. This also comes in the wake of the Directorate winning the all-India Thal Sainik competition at New Delhi, and being the runner-up in Nau Sainik competitions at Karwar”. Remember, Tamilnadu is no ‘Periyar Mann’ but patriots’ land as the Tamil youth have just proved.

An Island of Hate In An Ocean Of Love 

Tamilnadu Chief Minister Edapadi Palaniswami greeted Tamilnadu Hindus thus: “I extend my heartiest Deepavali wishes to the people of Tamil Nadu. The festival is celebrated to mark the day when Tirumal eliminated the demon Narakasuran. On this day, the people celebrate by taking an oil bath, lighting the lamps, offering worship, sharing sweets and bursting.“ The Deputy Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam too greeted Hindus on Deepavali. There were Deepavali greetings even from KM Kadhar Mohidheen, national president, IUML. UN released Dhiya stamps for Diwali. Pakistan PM Imrana Khan was reported to have greeted Hindus in his country on Diwali. US Secretary of State and former CIA chief Pampeo was prompt in greeting Hindus world over on the occasion of Diwali. Not in the list is DMK president M.K. Stalin, who had admitted that 90 percent of his cadre were Hindus. 

Punya Ksetram Nachipalayam
Meet Sri Senthil Kumar. He is a tailor employed in a hosiery factory in Tirupur. On November 4 he was riding on his bike along Pudupalayam Road. He found a packet lying on the roadside. He picked it up and found sheaves of currency notes inside. The 34 year old Senthil proceeded straight to the police station nearby and handed over the bundle of cash to the police official. It was found to contain Rs 2 lakh. The police authorities appreciated Senthil's honesty.. But what Senthil felt is significant: "Just imagine the predicament and anguish of the person who missed the cash!" For sure, Nachipalayam, the native village of Senthil, should be proud of its honest son.Incidentally, the police will hand over the cash to the rightful owner after due verification.

Farming Along With Education

In USSILAMPATTI, Madurai district, the Headmaster Shri. Madan Babu, of a State funded School, sought to make difference. Uniform clad with no school bags to carry, books to read and write, children were taken to a vast green irrigational lands in a nearby place called PASUKARANPATTI. There were about 100 children from class IV and V, with teachers and Headmaster ventured to learn farming hands on. Shri Madan Babu who was clueless about farming, since born and bred in city learnt about it and made an attempt too with the children who when asked, told him they know nothing about farming. He wanted them to learn and understand farming by demonstrating to them. The main aim for the field trip was to make them learn farming, an age old occupation, at such a young age. Children who had not seen any animal beyond goats were happy to see paddy fields ploughed by oxen. Children learnt to plant the paddy sapling by stepping in to the slushy field, they were happy to hear the KULAVAI, the songs sung by ladies during the sapling planting session and other times to make them forget the strenuous work load. They also learnt the other stages of farming like, preparing the soil, planting paddy sampling, weeding, treat the plants for insects, pulling out of matured paddy plants for separating the paddy grains from the plants. The children vowed that they started to develop an affinity for farming. Farmers were surprised to see so many young sprouts willing to learn the process of farming from them. Enthusiastically they taught them the whole process and told the children that they are waiting to see grown paddy plants from their sapling planting efforts. They were happy to impart the farming knowledge they possess to the young enthusiasts.

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