Seva Bharathi serves food for the protesters in Nedubasserry airport

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Kochi. Seva Bharathi serves food for the prayer protesters, who stood against, Trupti Desai who has arrived in Nedubasserry airport to visit sabarimala to breach the traditions. The devotees have been protesting since 4.30 am today.
After all these hours Trupti remains within the airport. She is stuck in the airport because of the protest by the devotees.

Trupti Desai spiced up the situation with her statements further. She clearly announced that, her deed to visit Sabaramila is not because she has faith in the deity, it is for an adventure. She does not bother herself about the devotees protest. Irumudikett will be carried, by arranging for one from Kochi, if she feels so. To fill Irumudikett she does not look forward for a Guruswami as well.

Pilgrims are set to starve; Hotels are restricted from feeding the devotees

Sabarimala. The Government continues to challenge Ayyappa devotees. Police has given strict instruction to all the hotels and Annadana Mandapam to be closed by 11.00 pm. The counters for Appam and Aravana must also be shut down by 11.00 pm. These restrictions will be a pain on the pilgrims to get Prasada.

No one will be allowed to stay at Sannidhanam stated DGP. The regulations set by the police and the orders by the Government is clearly striking on the routine of the temple along with the devotees.

Dewosam board to approach the Supreme Court on Monday to ask for a stay on implementing the order.

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