Kerala Chief Minister's Sabarimala Policy Breeds Discontent Among Top Police Officers

The developments taking place in Kerala suggest that police force is not in good humour in the wake of Pinarayi Vijayan's Sabarimala policy. Just before Pinarayi scripted the police drama for ensuring the temple entry of the young women into the shrine when temple remained opened for 24 hours in connection with the "aatta chithira" festival, Intelligence Chief Vinodkumar and IG of Police P Vijayan went on leave. 

People heard this news after they were told that P. Vijayan is in-charge of law and order in Sabarimala. It is to be noted that there were reports of the feedback Vinodkumar had given to the home ministry prior to the police atrocities two weeks before. But it appears, his words were ignored. 

Now, the latest Intelligence report recommends consensus in Shabarimala. Otherwise, the things will go out of control when temple reopens for "Vruschika" pooja on November 15. And, it will have severe repercussions in neighbouring states. 

People of Kerala are very much worried about the next pooja period. They hope, Pinarayi will learn from the two Waterloo lessons he got recently from the "Sabarimala" school. 

By – T Satisan

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