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November 28, 2018.

Government, People and RSS in Gaja hit districts

An IAS officer leads rescue team to TN hamlets left inaccessible by the November 15 cyclone GAJA. Johny Tom Varghese is the Additional Director of the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department who has been appointed as the Nodal Officer of Nagapattinam. It is in such precarious conditions as the onslaught of cyclone GAJA that the involvement of bureaucrats plays a critical role and their expertise in making quick decisions, ensuring timely actions comes into the fore. He is one such person who truly pulled all the stops in this regard. The cyclone hit population too, in places, spontaneously repaired roads to enable relief to be rushed to worst hit spots unhindered. Systematic and timely relief work was rendered by swayamsevaks of Seva Bharati - RSS. Over 600 of them were active from day one. The six major Seva Bharati - RSS relief camps spread across worst hit districts were pivotal in routing men and material from all over the state to ground zero. Seva Bharati, Dakshin Tamilnadu, has appealed for monetary help to intensify relief work. The address and bank particulars: Seva Bharathi South Tamil Nadu, Reg no. 339 / 11, State Bank Of India (08181), Melachinthamani (Trichy), Account No: 31841094583; IFS Code: SBIN 0008181. Contact Number: 9442080925 / 7598925756.

Kudos To The Cool Successful Strategy Of Hindu Society

The Hindu society showed that responsible protest yields the desired result.The Tamil Department of St.Joseph’s College,Trichy, had to postpone an international seminar on ‘Harassment of women as registered in Tamil literature’ originally slated for Dec 6 and 7. This malicious intent of the Seminar was exposed by topics of papers like “Inhibitions imposed on women as per Tolkappiyam”, ”Whore community depicted in Manimekalai”,”Male chauvinism in Kamba Ramayanam” and “ Persecution of Draupadi in Villi Bharatham”. The cancellation announcement came a day after Bharatiya Janata Party leader H Raja sought a ban on the event calling it an assault on the Tamil language and Hinduism “by missionaries and urban Naxals.” He alleged the event was a conspiracy to denounce and insult classics and Hindu epics to instigate communal tensions. Tamil Nadu minister K Pandiarajan responded saying the government would not allow the “slanderous event”.This is not the first time St.Joseph College is caught in the news for wrong reasons. Last year the college hosted a cultural conference of a fringe Tamil separatist group, ‘Tamizhaga Penkal Seyal Kalam’ (Tamil women work-field). This organisation had announced earlier on Facebook that Indian Independence Day was a black day and were of the opinion that Tamils being suppressed by India culturally and India is exploiting Tamil resources and language.Later they went on to host a exhibition with posters seeking to depict the of “Brahmin domination in Tamil kingdoms”. Citing this sinister pattern of spreading secessionism and hateful racist theories by St. Joseph’s College, Hindu Munnani and Hindu Makkal Katchi petitioned the district collector, the UGC and the state Governor calling upon authorities to cancel the recognition of this college.

Tamilnadu Mourns Death Of A Swayamsevak Who Enriched Tamil

“There are no Aryans in India, nor are there any Dravidians. You couldn't racially separate any element of the Indian populus." That was Iravatham Mahadevan in an interview to the in 1998 on authority of his being a long time researcher in in epigraphy and early inscriptions. An honest IAS official, a scholarly editor of Tamil daily DINAMANI, and in the evening of his life, a perceiving philanthropist, I. Mahadevan passed away on November 26 at Chennai. The Padma Shri award-winner was 88. Mahadevan was born in 1930 at Manachanallur near Tiruchy. He began his career as a civil servant in 1954. Curiously enough no paper or channel mentioned his life long association with RSS. He served as a pracharak in Thiuvannamalai. He is known to have donated the golden mangala sutra of his late wife for national defence fund. During the 26 years as a civil servant, he rose to be the advisor in the Commece Ministry. Once, when an international supplier tried to give ‘commision’, a honest Mahadevan is said to have advised him to divert it to the treasury and thus to the nation. On his demise, the highlight is that the entire political class in Tamilnadu was unanimous in its praise for the valuable contribution of this swayamswevak to Tamil.

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