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Scientist Advises TN Politicians: Do Not Hinder Road, Bridge Projects

Two points made by Nambi Narayanan, former scientist with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in an interview to Thanthi TV are remarkable. One: India would have become a super power as early as 2001, had he not been victimized in a false case. It delayed the arrival of cryogenic liquid fuel system (on which he was researching) on the Indian scene. It fructified only in 2016. India lost 16 years in the race for supremacy in rocket technology. Financial loss to the nation was also mind boggling -- running into billions of dollars. Two: Politicians and other groups in Tamilnadu should not hinder the launch or progress of any project, be it a Road, Bridge or Factory -- was his appeal towards the end of the interview in Tamil. Also, Nambi Narayanan was candid in a two part ‘Meet the VIP’ column in S.Gurumurthy’s Tamil weekly THUGLAK. In the second part of it, Nambi Narayanan gives details of how the most corrupt Dravidian politics had thwarted several attempts to locate rocket launching centre in Tamilnadu. Nambi Narayanan reveals that a team of ISRO scientists led by Vikram Sarabhai visited Nagapattinam-Cuddalore in Tamilnadu to have a look at the land needed for a rocket launching station. The then DMK dispensation ruling Tamilnadu demanded 20,000 rupees per acre. A shocked Sarabhai dropped the idea of bringing the project to Tamilnadu. On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh State government offered 20,000 acres free of cost and thus the ISRO project went to Sriharikota in AP.

A TN Comrade Caught Seeking out Help of Atma

“Ruling parties have a habit of protecting their cadre by bending the law, as is the case when three workers of the ruling AIADMK, serving life imprisonment on the charges of killing three girls by setting on fire a bus in Dharmapuri 18 years ago, were set free this week” – that was part of the pontification by state CPI(M) secretary Balakrishnan. (It is recent history that his own party was reported to have sinned in similar manner to catapult a murder-case-accused CPI(M) cadre to an exalted position in the government in a neighbouring state).The release of the three AIADMK men is indeed a shocking subversion of justice. The convicts, Ravindran, Nedunchezhian and Muniappan had set a bus ablaze following the conviction of former chief minister Jayalalithaa in a corruption case in February 2000. Three girls - Kokilavani, Hemalatha and Gayathri - were charred to death when the bus (in which they and other 44 students of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) were returning from a study tour) was torched by the three culprits. In 2007, the court had awarded capital punishment to the three. The death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court in August 2011. However, on a review petition, their sentence was commuted to life, two years ago. The AIADMK government got them out, with MGR centenary serving the ruse! The three are walking free now! Harking back to comrade Balakrishnan: he added in his sermon that “the atma of the three girls would not pardon the culprits”! What is not clear is the place atma has in the philosophy of his party.

Apaswaram By Wayward Sangeeta Vidwans Caught By The Collar In Chennai

In the face of severe opposition from Rasikas, Hindu outfits and Sabha Commitee members, a concert in Rasika Ranjani Sabha, Chennai, where Carnatic musician cum urban naxal TM Krishna was scheduled to perform on November 18, 2018, was cancelled. Krishna has lately been in a cultural appropriation controversy after he announced that he will produce Carnatic songs about Jesus and Allah. He has been criticised for bending Saint Tyagaraja Kritis to suit Christian hymns. It is worth recalling that his concerts organised by AAI, New Delhi and in Siva Vishnu Temple, USA were cancelled citing similar reasons. Social media had been abuzz with the tag #DisinviteTMKrishna following his Kutchery cancellations. For some months now, several Carnatic music performers are attempting to depict the art form as not for Hindus alone. While the genre does not restrict composing of new songs with ragas, what makes the fans furious is substituting lyrics and tune which originally praises Hindu devatas with those referring to Abrahmic gods. That is plagiarism and not secularism. A very recent misappropriation done in similar fashion is “samanalevaru prabho” in praise of Jesus rendered by the famed Nithyasree Mahadevan. It resembles an Annamaya Kriti as also lyrics usurped from Tyagaraja’s “rama nee samanamevaru”. This intent is to strip Carnatic music of its Hindu Identity. It is promoted by the likes of TM Krishna. But thanks to Social Media and Hindu Dharma online magazines, these attempts are thwarted leaving the artists being shunned by fans.

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