RSS Second Year Vishesha SSV begins in Chennai


Dweetya Varsha Sanga Shiksha Varg (Vishesha) of Southern States was inaugurated on May 6 in Ambattur, Chennai. Maa. Suhasrao Heeramat, Akhil Bharatiya Sadasya and Palak Adhikari of the camp lit the lamp. Shri Sthanumalayan, Kshetra Pracharak addressed the shikshartis. ‘United for a common cause, doing something for continuously and mingling with other state persons will be a nice learning experience for our body, mind and soul’, he said. Varg Adhikari Shri Mohana Chandran, Varg Karyavah Shri Ramakrishna Prasad and other Sangh Adhikaris were present. Around 300 shiksharthis are participating in the training.


 Earlier in the morning Go puja and Homam was performed in the premises towards auspicious beginning by a senior swayamsevak Shri Murugesan ji. 

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