Publicising personal lives - a boon or bane?

Tamil Reality TV Show (Zee Tamil) ‘Solvathellam Unmai’, intrudes the privacy and personal lives of the individuals who come there to find solutions to their never ending problems as their last resort.

An interim injunction order has been passed by the Madras High Court till June 18 on a petition filed by Mr. Kalyanasundaram from Rajapalayam, at Madurai High Court on this show. This programme has been in controversy shrouded as some participants complained that they have been forcibly made to come and tell their story and it’s a set up for TRP ratings. Doing NOTHING good to the society, such programmes records, narrates living conditions, relationships and personal experiences happening inside the four walls of the illiterate, poor people is being much publicized.

The Managing director of the private channel and the Central information and broadcasting personnel have been asked to come back with their reply on the ban. When Poor people can seek the help of free legal aid and can go through proper legal channels, is such programmes claim to be saviours are a boon? or bane?

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  1. Rightly said no use of such programme

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