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National Scenario
All of us are experiencing that with the growing trust in our work, there are growing expectations also throughout the country. The participation of Hindu society in the programmes organized by various Prants give the same experience.
The Hindu Sammelans organized in the Northeastern States, especially in Tripura, was inspirational in much ways. The admiration expressed by eminent personalities from social, religious, industrial fields indicates the growing acceptability of our work.
At the same time, the incidents of internal strife in the society are a matter of grave concern for all. Violence and damage to public property in such incidences is highly condemnable. Learning from the past and creating the amicable and healthy environment by resolving the present problems should be the priority of all. In such situations, we have to be careful about the divisive forces.
Similarly, some incidents hurting social sentiments also take place and collective outrage is expressed. It is necessary for all the concerned parties/groups to keep this in mind that their actions should not hurt the social pride and popular sentiments. Ours is an enlarged family and therefore, mutual interaction and trust should be strongly preserved. In such situations, the constructive role of religious, social and political leadership becomes crucial.
It should be our concern that the respect and confidence towards justice and security system should not be broken. We have every right to present our view within the Constitutional and legal system. The adherence to those restrictions is also necessary.
We can see many active forces working for creating divisions and spreading confusions. In all these situations, patiently and skillfully, we have to move forward with persistence and hardwork, with the faith that the answer to most of these problems lies in the success of our work. Let the Sangh work become goal of our life.

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