RSS ABPS report on tour of Sarkaryavah

Tour of Sarkaryawah 

In the year 2017-18, my Zonal tours were planned. Besides organizational meetings, two special types of meetings were arranged. In the first one, the focus was on the activities taking place in the Vanvasi areas of the respective zones. Such churning took place in 8 zones. The karyakartas associated with the local and national organizations working in the Vanvasi areas participated in these meetings. Besides the sharing of information about the present working in the Vanvasi areas, future activities and programmes were also deliberated upon. Meetings of Vyavastha Vinbhag were also held. At some places, meetings for special programmes too were organized.
  • Sewa Vibhag has developed a website called ‘Sewa-Gatha’ to give space to the stories based on the experiences gathered while working in some service projects. This was launched in Bhopal.
  • A special Karyakarta camp of Khand (block)/ Nagar level Karyakartas and above was organized in the Telangana Prant. In the two day camp organized at Karim Nagar was attended by 1633 Karyakartas, which was 56 percent of the total expected participants.
  • In Pune, a special programme of experimental professional and youth Shakhas was organized. In this core team of selected 35 Shakhas were expected. Out of the 215 expected participants, 190 were present. The experience sharing was very effective and inspirational.
  • During the tour in Western Odisha, a social harmony meeting was organized at Rourkela in which 149 representatives of 42 different communities and organizations. Many contemporary issues were discussed here. 
  • In Dehradun, a spectacle of many Shakhas was organized. 57 Shakhas of young professionals were simultaneously held on one ground in which 1257 youth were present.
  • For intensifying the work at the Basti (locality) level, a meeting of key people from each locality was organized at Siliguri. Out of 108 Bastis, 107 Bastis were represented by 170 Karyakartas.
At Sundrel of Dhar district in Malva Prant, a two day meeting of Karyakartas working at the national level in the field of rural development and Gau-Sewa (Cow-Conservation). 182 karyakartas from 33 prants were present.

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