Brainstorming Seminar to strengthen national consciousness through education in Chennai

A seminar calling for providing nationalistic view through integrated elements of education was organized by Vidya Bharathi Tamilnadu in Chennai today wherein around 250 dignitaries from various schools participated. With a melodious song and lighting the lamp the seminar was inaugurated. Swami Mithrananda, Chinmaya Mission, Swami Buddhithananda Maharaj, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Dr. Krishna Shetty, Vidya Bharathi President (UTN), Shri P K Madhavan Ji Vidya Bharathi Akhil Bharathiya Shikshana Sansthan former President, Shri D K Hari and various Educationists were present.

Shri Chakravarthi, Vidya Bharathi welcomed the august gathering and emphasized on the ‘identity’ of holistic education in the national stream. 

Stressing on the mission to strengthen and vision holistic education Swami Mithrananda said that we need to create people with academic excellence with spiritual feeling rooted in Dharma. He elaborately threw light on Pancha Yagnas to be performed by any individual.

· Manushya Yagna – to serve humanity

· Pitru Yagna – It is not just offering Tarpana to our ancestors once a year – more than is to respect our ancestral values. It is our responsibility to protect our ancestral culture and pride.

· Bhootha Yagna – Pancha Maha Bhoothas to be worshipped. Our Bharatiya approach to protect and care our nature and environment should be taken care of.

· Rishi Yagna – Preserve and Promote the vedic knowledge given by our Rishis

· Deva Yagna – to seek God. Life is not just living for pleasures. Rashtra Bakthi should be in our system. It is our duty to bring back the values practiced in Akanda Bharat.

Brainstorming discussions were organized to accelerate and exchange ideas on spiritual, cultural, social and national awareness through education. The groups discussed on the problems, realities and solutions to carry forward and set practices in society.

Shri Madhavan Ji, Akhil Bharatiya Shikshana Sansthan in his concluding speech emphasized on all round development through education. Wellbeing of humanity is based on four purusharthas – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. In the modern context, it is Desha Bodha, Samaj Bodha, Samskriti and Adyathamatha Bodha. Nationality is based on culture and the culture is nurtured by society. National education is based on values.

Pancha Koshas – Sharirik, Yoga, Sangeetha, Samskruti, nithik and adyathmik inculcate unique personality. Development should aim at Pancha Koshas and our education should have Pancha Mukha Shiksha to strengthen the national consciousness and the success depends on the spirit carried by the teachers, he concluded.

With a vote of thanks to the audience present the seminar concluded.

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