Two day Seva Sangamam begins in Chennai

Two day Seva Sangamam showcasing the service activities of voluntary organizations of Sevabharathi was inaugurated at Nalli Kuppusami Vivekanandan Vidyalaya Chennai today.

Shri Ponnuswamy, President of Reception Committee welcomed the gathering. 

Swami Vimurthananda, Ramakrishna Mutt said that RSS SEVABHARATHI volunteers are not only self-less volunteers but also self-disciplined volunteers. Propagating about seva done is not advertising, it is only to inspire people, he said. Seva gives joy only when there is aim in it. Spiritualism and Nationalism are the two eyes of Seva. Seva exhibits asserts that our society will be far better in 10 years of now. Appealing to raise the standards of teachers through seva, he said once in a time teachers are best brains, but today eliminated ones are teachers in many places. Through story listening we developed our culture.So development of individual and the organization is important for the society, he said.

Shri Parag Abhyangar, RSS Akhil Bharatha Seva Pramuk said that Seva is not the new thaning to our country, in every heart of the citizen it is there. Seva attitude is not by Veda reciting, it is the Hindu Dharma/prerna and parampara has bought this attitude. Variations like ups and downs in Samaaj will be there, but no discrimination. It is ‘Samam Sarveshu Boodheshu’….and our Seva should be ‘Seva Paramo Dharma’ ‘Paropakara Punyaya’. Ishwaris in all. No one should feel weak. We have Ishwar Sakthi with us to take forward Seva as Dharma, he said. 

Dr. Kiran Bedi, Lt Governor of Puducherry in her address threw light on 5 thoughts that is needed as of now to our nation. She highlighted with various examples of 5 ‘S’. – Sanskar . When Sanskar enters one, he or she will not cheat and one will earn a place in the society.

Second “S” is Seva – action If any action is done with prerna, then a healthy nation is possible.

Third “S” is Swachatha—From Seva to Swatchatha. She emphasized the need for personal, community, society and nation cleanliness. Swachatha is important for productivity. National health is built on healthy people. Swatchatha begins from home-neighbourhood-village-district-society-district-state-nation. When mind, body and soul environment is clean, then the nation becomes strong.

Fourth ‘S’ is Sankaten – to see results we need Sankaten (co-ordination). Transformation comes from Sankaten Every member makes Sankaten strong or weak. Sankaten is based on Sanskar.

Fifth ‘S’ is Satsang – Satsang begins from home. Praying together is Satsang. Families which eat together, pray together will stay together. To make a healthy nation we need 5S’s and it should start from us. On practicing 5S one ‘S’ will follow that is Shanthi – that brings together. Productivity happens and without Shanthi there is nothing.

With a vote of thanks by Shri Mohan Sevabharathi the inaugural function concluded. An exhibition showcasing various service work is displayed for the visitors. Around 300 people participated in the Seva Sangamam. 

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