RSS Karnataka express deep condolence on the murder of Journalist in Bengaluru

RSS Karnataka expressed deep condolences and strongly condemned the murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh. RSS demands Impartial Police enquiry on the murder.
V Nagaraj
Kshetreeya Sanghachalak

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  1. The Congress Govt of Karnataka is over-doing it by giving a state funeral for the slain leftist journalist! As usual, all leftist hate-mongers have come out of the woodworks like termites to condemn the murder of their colleague but did not care to condemn the murders of more than 20 RSS/BJP men in Karnataka and more than 100 in Kerala! Are they not human beings? Pseudo-secular hypocrites! Yechury has much to answer for the gruesome killings in Kerala by his intolerant party men! As for the 'buddhu', he cares a hoot if RSS/BJP workers are killed in the state ruled by his party!